Charlie Charlie Challenge

I mean… What’s point of calling upon a spirit (in this case, Charlie from Mexico), and freaking out, running out of the room as soon as they appear?

Here’s the video:

[quote=“Enlightener_Illuminator, post:1, topic:5364”]I mean… What’s point of calling upon a spirit (in this case, Charlie from Mexico), and freaking out, running out of the room as soon as they appear?

Here’s the video:[/quote]

This morning a friend(kinda friend) was bored in class,and asked us about the Charlie Charlie challenge.Obviously,I was oblivious,but he explained that he was making a piece of paper,and had a pencil,to point in one direction or the other.

When we asked him why that game was even the least bit fun,his answer was:’‘Because you’re summoning a demon,and it’s spooky!’’

Now,admittedly,this is where I fell silent.No one in my real life has any knowledge of my esoteric life,and I intend to keep it that way.I like the secrecy,I love the shadows,and I love my magic.It’s one of the most precious things in my life.

Anyways,I was wondering about that,and it seems Charlie is as useless as a pendulum.His method is ideometer based(I believe) meaning it can be tainted,and answers only YES and NO questions.Life is far more complicated than that,and a pendulum can answer you that.

So,Charlie is even more useless than a Ouija Board Spirit.

And when we have that in mind,we can consider who Charlie is.Now,it’s more than obvious Charlie is not a deceased shade,nor a demonic entity,but a wandering spirit,like the ones summoned via Ouija Boards

.In fact,I can almost guarantee you that you can summon Charlie himself through a Ouija Board,even a jury-rigged one.And obviously the only real way to prove Charlie is to stand in a circle of power,and evoke him.

But why would you do that if all information and services he can provide can be answered more skillfully by various other spirits?

So,I felt rather uneasy.There came a time when he failed with his little rituals,and I felt like Einstein watching a small boy try to calculate momentum by using the wrong formula.

Then there came a time,when he literally started to say:’‘Maybe I have to ask him in English?’’ because I do not live in an anglophone country.At which point,I facepalmed and hummed internally:’‘Cama,cama,Charlie,Cama,cama…’’ just to make his little work easier and get the dabbling over with,because it felt so freakishly frivolous.Ye know?

He succeeded,but Charlie seemed eerily distracted and I felt his presence rather strongly.While others looked at it,with skepticism,fear,or whatever it is muggles feel,I was duly bored,and uncomfortable because the Wandering Spirit literally flocked to me.

I was like a light pulling the moth within.My dispassion may’ve been a factor,as I was the only one who didn’t react to his presence so he wanted my attention the most.Or it may be because I was the only there with any real spiritual abilities.Either way,my clairsentience was on fire.

This is the part where I pretended to be appalled by it,and have an uncomfortable thing for the supernatural,so I could excuse myself,go to the bathroom,and try to get this spirit off of me.

So,I performed a Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram in the bathroom.I’m not even kidding,I didn’t have many good ideas.I did however also use EA’s special banishing formula from KoF.Ye know,’‘Astu,malku, ta dat, arkata, sastu…’’ that one.

So,I see the Charlie Charlie as a silly game for the dilletanti to get scared,and for the serious magician to use to frighten his more mundane compatriots.

Admittedly,if I weren’t in the broom closet so to speak,I’d probably film myself summoning the wandering spirit…except I’d probably have Paimon or Belial there too,to show what a REAL demon looks like.:wink: The audience wouldnt’ see either of them,though.They’d only see me trying to talk to spirits.

Unaware,safe for the gifted,that I’m actually succeeding.

In short,it’s silly,pointless,and I wanted to bring this little story to everyone’as attention but you beat me to the punch.

Also,congratulations to me!This is my 50th post!!!


“Project Hack Charlie,” anyone? :wink:

Gratz on making you Golden 50th Arcane - one of us, one of us… :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:3, topic:5364”]“Project Hack Charlie,” anyone? :wink:

Gratz on making you Golden 50th Arcane - one of us, one of us… :P[/quote]

Hahaha,thank you.

As for Project Hack Charlie,really,is a project that can be done really easily,by just evoking Charlie.

Of course,none of us have any time for such things,so remind me in July to try that.:stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone wants to do it,a simple universal circle will be useful.If you don’t own one like I do not,just write the Nabataean script inside a circle of chalk,it’ll literally work just as well.

Evoke whichever direction you’re comfortable with.I’d do West,though,because that’s where I have this really nice space for the spirit to materialize,by the window,right in front of me…really,a nice space to…ye know…get conjured.

If anyone wants a sigil of Charlie’s,then just ask him for one.If he says ‘‘No’’ then screw him,you don’t need it,just repeat his name.And even if he doesn’t wanna come,he will.No one can deny the allure of whoever is reading this and performing this evocation.Yes,you.

Alright,now seriously,once this stops being viral,feel free to start poking Charlie.

Of course,if you want him to do stuff,this may be THE BEST TIME to do it,because he has the attention of thousands over the world,and for spirits,attention is power,and power is the ability to do things for the magician.

So,why not?

You know a lot of this is fake and basically amateur stage magic where someone covertly blows on the pencil to make it move.

Calling the shit my bros. Oh nu just so we all know, these demonlaters, hath an good opinion on Koetting, I went ahead nu asked them

I heard a few classmates talking about it, I feel like making them do it then fucking with them by sending other spirits to haunt them and maybe practice dream walking since they’ll just blame the nightmares on charlie taking my form and not me.

I’ve seen the Charlie Charlie challenge posted a few times online. The last comment I read, the poster was letting Eric know about it, I guess to see if he had any insight on the whole thing. From what I read, it seemed to be merely a child’s game, similiar to a glow in the dark Ouija board you get from the toy store. I have not looked into it further, but the opinions I have seen where from experienced magicians describing this as a myth, a game. So I am not sure what the purpose of the CC Challenge really is, if intended to be a fun slumber party game to scare teenagers?

But in my opinion, if Charlie is a real entity of some sort and he can be evoked in such a simple way without any real magick needed to call him forth, and this is something anyone can do (even those with those no magickal experience), then Charlie cannot be a serious entity. He would not be an entity I would want to learn from, because there would be no real “challenge” there. This reminds me of the bloody Mary mirror game we used to play in grade school. I am not dismissing this as something silly. If you have tried this and it works, then by all means go for it. You are free to explore in any way that you like, which is the power of freedom. But if Charlie can only provide YES and NO answers, then would not a simple pendulum suffice? Pendulums can provide yes and no answers without the need for any rituals or summoning methods at all, and even then, a pendulum is not always effective. They can be manipulated by your own energy to produce the answer you desire instead of the true answer.

I have done it many times myself when confronted by a friend that only half heartedly believed in magick, I used a pendulum and allowed some real answers to come thru, just enough to scare him and let him know, I knew things about him that only he thought he knew, but then I manipulated the pendulum into giving him false positive answers to mess with him intentionally because he started talking crazy, talking about magick like something only dellusional schizophrenics experience. He was basically mocking magick and mocking me. He thought he was being sly, and had me fooled, but I knew better. So also, if you play this game and one of your friends is a real magican, what’s not to say that he or she is manipulating the answers for his or her own entertainment, while his friends sit obvliously unaware?

Well, for the Magi here that want to screw with their friends doing such a meaningless thing, why don’t you guys use Magick to screw with the pencils?

If people are so freaked out by a wandering spirit moving pencils, imagine if you or the demon that you evoked drive the pencil through the table. They may just pee and poo on the spot, while they’re petrified in fear.

Of course, please record and upload it to YouTube.

either I am highly protected or Charlie was busy, because I got nothing.

Websites are already trying to “Debunk” it as gravity.

Shane Dawson did thus, even he knows its fake.

Everyone at work is doing this now. Fun to watch ]:slight_smile:

The Charlie Charlie Challenge was a publicity stunt for a horror movie.

Maybe so, but then everyone who knows nothing about actual spirits started playing the CCC game for fun. Mostly kids and teens from what I have heard. We all know it’s not a real thing, well most of us here do. I only posted in an attempt to dismiss this as child’s play. Based on what I am reading between multiple magick forums I am kind of bothered that people who consider themselves to be real magicians would waste their time with such a childish game, and that some people claim Charlie is a real entity.

If anyone played this game and got real answers, it was most likely your own bodily vibrations moving the planchette and tricking you, because you desperately wanted it to see it move to a viable answer. Either that, or a real entity did come to the room but it’s name wasn’t charlie. Many lesser known spirits are bored tricksters, if they think you wanna hear a particular answer, they will provide that answer deceitfully. They enjoy fucking with your head in other words. Also, I gave it a go just to do my own debunking because I am being pestered by inexperienced teens on other sites claiming they know more about magick than I do even though I have been doing magick since I was a child and they’ve only just begun the toying around stage. No charlie guy showed up and I think if I can summon a demon using only my mind, then I could easily summon some ghost named charlie if he actually existed.

If evocation were so simple that anyone who has never done magick in their life, never learned how to reach theta sync, never opened their astral senses, could pick up a Ouija board and instantly summon an entity with no concentration on their part, then everyone would be a magician by now and that’s just not the case. Sure there are people who have success the very first time they try something magickal, but not everyone, and even then it’s just not that simple.

The ouija board is a legitimate method of spirit communication. Tracy Twyman has been talking to Baphomet and other entities for over thirteen years. A lot of the material in her books is based on ideas and clues they gave her to research that she says she would never have thought of herself.

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I never said the Ouija board was not legitimate. I said that Charlie was not real.

Exactly. The whole thing was a marketing campaign. Nevertheless, if someone summons Charlie, a “Charlie” might answer. :slight_smile:

Me and my cousin played the charlie charlie game, not the one that was trending but the one with six pencils (the pencil game)