Charging sigils using ignorance

I was thinking of a little experimentation whereas you would get a video of a sigil but tell people it will have hallucinogenic effects.

You can make the sigil solely for yourself. Make the video go viral and have them stare at the sigil until tears come out.

This way, you can make a ton more people charge a sigil without them knowing the real effect of it, but subconsciously, they are charging it for an intent of your choice.

Due to them not knowing the true effect of what that symbol on the screen is, they probably won’t go back to the video because there was no hallucinogenic effect and they also don’t know the true desire of it.

This allows them to forget about it instantly.

It kind of works like what we would call a botnet whereas a botnet would be something to take control of tons of computers to use to power a denial of service attack, a sigil charged by millions of people will have sort of the same effect. This is an effective method by all chances. You could even just have pictures of it around your neighborhood and people will be staring at it to see what it means.

Very cool idea but how many do you think will be able to open it to charge it?

I would survey them at the end asking them what kind of effects they experienced. If it matches the experiences when someone does charge a sigil, then I would know. I really have no idea how much would be able to open it, but it is one great way to get a massive amount of energy for the intent.

I would estimate around 4/10 people will get it to charge. If we had a thousand, that’s 400 let alone a million.

Go for it, please keep us up to date if you decide to try it.

I will. Thanks.

Awesome idea.
But what about also using a gateway to a demonic realm or Qlippoth?
Then you would have thousands if not millions of demons out to do your bidding.

My theory is that if we were to open up a gateway to a demonic realm, maybe we would like to do it physically. What you would want to do is have them charge the sigil for example like: it is my will to give all my energy to Musta_Krackish. Next you would use that energy to charge whatever intent you have or even attain a full blown physical evocation of the demon not in smoke, but an actual materialization. That is how it would possibly work out for your intention.

My own intention was to use it for maybe kundalini or siddhis of some sort or samadhi. That’s my main goal at the moment is definitely samadhi.

The sigil would be put into a video or on a website which I will try and promote as a device that induces hallucinogens if you stare at it long enough. They could do it while masturbating as well to enhance the effects.

Since they don’t know the true effects or the intent of the sigil, it shouldn’t even phase their mind to even go back and even be desirous of it because, again, they think it is only for hallucinogenic effects.

Might run into some trouble with other chaos magicians.

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Lol! Devil’s trick xD But Im concerned about one thing. If you look around, 9 outta 10 people have that “dead-fish eyes”. I perceive that as a really disgusting things, even disrespectful to look at someone that way. Charging a Sigil is much like eating food, you dont eat shit, and you shouldnt charge your sigils with shitty energy.

I’d do it diferent, I’d make the Sigil a living vampiric entity. When people start watching the video, they will open up and become defenseless trying to feel high, and the Sigil will then be able to feed off the audience and eat better stuff. People may even watch it again as they feel eventually morbid and you know, those people are zombie-like anyway xD.

I like this idea omnipresent, way to think outside the box.

In episode 6 of Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole, Andrieh mentioned that he used to make mantras along with his sigils. He would call people randomly via payphone and chant the mantra until the hung up on him. He said that they were often confused and angry, which added to the power of his mantra and thus his sigil. He also mentioned that if anyone tried that with him he would chant Enochian back at them :slight_smile:

I would give that podcast a listen Omni. It sounds like it is right up your ally.

I think I will. Thanks.


I’ve thought about it, but instead of video make a flash gif with the sigil in three sets of colors:

-black sigil withe background.
-white sigil black background.
-white sigil color related to the intention background.

Then you just need to spread it… like in tumblr… or do the same, a flash gift with porn gift or funny gift and the Sigil in the middle… yeah…

If I only knew how to make a gif…

still I think is a nice experiment, since the companies do it all the time with their logos.

edit: tumblr is the best way to spread things… and 4chan but tumblr has far more ignorance.

I remember somebody once telling me about embedding sigils into the frames of porn movies and uploading them to torrent sites.

Whow, that is a cool idea. Maybe you could even put hidden messages in the video, ones that show so fast and subtly nobody can see. Darn now i even want to try that myself. (Maybe even use some sounds too?)

Who knows! Maybe it might be easier for them to hit a trance state with music.

Yeah, that and - what about hidden words of yours? i’m not sure would they serve your meanings.

There is this software that allows you to create subliminal messages in your laptop or pc.

It is called “MindMaster”

You can see many videos on youtube.

When I first saw it the first thing that came to my mind was sigil charging.

Of course, oyu can use text and images as you want, but what about using images of Gods or Demons along the seals of some entity you want to gain a better psychich link?

Who knows, it may be useful for magical purposes.

If you look well, you’ll find another program, for text and images, a flash subliminal messages program download free with the link in the video on youtube. Is good but not as good as the first I posted.

This thread is beginning to sound like the building of this technique! Amazing!

There are also Programs to make Subliminal Massages flash on your own computer screen.
It isn’t sufficiently proven that they work but there is an Urban Legend of Cola using it in the Cinema…
I found Subliminal Massages to be very effective in Suggestions for self change!
But they will get annoying if you start to notice the Flashing and you will in time.

There is also an Analog Method of doing it.
Just use a Picture or anything you would use as Subliminal Massage and hang it in you Flat. in time you will not notice it anymore. Like an old Picture on the wall.
Than it is imprinted in you.
Maybe you could do the same in the Subway?

Sorry for the thread necromancy, but Omni have you been making any headway with this?

I have for quite awhile, then my sony vegas trial ran out and I gave up on it, now i’m going to save the file in the cloud and get another trial version of an earlier version and see how it goes. Sorry I had not seen this post till now. I am definitely getting there though.