Charging sigil

I have made a personal sigil and have placed it inside my shoe, so that it is charged by me walking. Is this a good way to activate it? Has anyone else done this? Thanks


I have a controversial opinion regarding a sigil, one that is in a different way for each person who does, as a sexual magic. But the common sense that serves for a good impulse is a capacity of great effort and the state is controlled of necessary consciousness. If you are a beginner, and have the ability to develop other magickal abilities, I recommend that you have magickal weapons in your sanctuary. You may become discouraged by the magick, and even desecrate your knowledge.

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I’ve often toyed with the idea of getting a crucifix tattoo on the sole of each foot so I could step on it as I walked.



I think it depends on the intention of the sigil. There are curses where you put a person’s name in your shoe to dominate them, and as the name wears away so are they removed from your life.

As it is a personal sigil, I think a better way to charge it would be to wear it on your person as you walk, rather than in your shoe simply because having it in your shoe and walking on it has negative associations (unless, of course it is a baneful sigil for removing something or someone).


Nah it’s not like that. I don’t have any negative intentions or want to direct engery towards another human being. The sigil I made was to help me personally. The though process was if I put the sigil in my shoe so that I’m stepping on it, it’ll be charging with my footsteps, but also that I wanted the change to start from the bottom up(if that makes sense). This was my first sigil I’ve ever made and personally I think it came out good. Now for the next part what do I do? Do I destroy it? I also though my about drawing it on my body so that it’s charged by my actual pulse and heartbeat.

Was it made Spare style? As in, you made a statement of intent and turned it into a glyph?

If so, then drawing it on your body is a classic Chaos method for firing a sigil, but your heartbeat won’t be enough. Usually, it is drawn on the body and then fired through sex or exercise. Chaos magick uses the subconscious mind so the technique is to wear the sigil off with sweat and forgetting what it is for so the mind can do its work.

I can’t vouch for firing it by putting it in your shoes and walking on it, but Chaos Magick is all about experimentation so go ahead and try it.

Yes that’s the method I used to create my sigil. How come my heartbeat wouldn’t be enough. The sigil I have I believe is already activated, but for future uses, how come a heartbeat isn’t enough?

From my understanding, it would take a longer time to build up the necessary energy. That’s why sex or exercise is used, because it kicks up the energy of the body by increasing the heart beat.

Oh okay that makes sense so it does charge it, but it happens at a slower rate. Thanks

You’re welcome :slight_smile: Good luck with your results!

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Don’t forget when you do that and every time you take a step visualize Jesus is being crushed by a massive bolder.

In Hoodoo, if you want to dominate a person,you put their name on a paper and put it in your shoe. That’s the only time I’d put a paper in my shoe.