Charging of the custom sigils

Hi Magi,

I have created some custom sigils for personal goals after reading the books Practical Sigil Magick and Basic Sigil Magick. I know two ways to charge the sigils look at them intently and sex magick.

I wanna know what other methods work to charge the sigils. I would like to give a constant power source to these sigils so that they manifest faster. It would be awesome If I could automate the process :wink:

Any guidance in the right direction would be very helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks and Regards,


You could use one of those “orgone chi generators”. Here is a link to one at: Search Google for more.


Have you tried sigil bombs? Basically you set up a way to startle yourself out of trance while you are staring through the sigil. This creates a brief gnosis trigger similar to when you reach the point of orgasm during the fast hand method.

You already do; your subconscious. There isn’t really any way to power a sigil post charge and release that I know of, namely because the sigil is gone in the method I use, usually burned. I like to burn a bit of dragon’s blood when I burn my sigils, and mix the smoke from the two as the sigil burns. It seems to work well as a booster, most likely because it helps create a better impact on my subconscious and also possibly because dragon’s blood can act as an empowering agent.

I would steer away from that. Having something like that around, or just knowing it is around, plus maintaining it will make it harder to get one’s mind off the sigil and ritual, therefore possibly making your efforts LESS effective. I don’t even charge and release my sigils until I have already forgotten what they mean in my conscious mind. It’s hard to lust after results when you don’t even know what the sigil you released is for, lol. It might sound counter intuitive, but it works.