Charging an object with Reiki?

How does one charge an object with Reiki? To try and help me figure this out I, unfortunately, watched a YouTube video and most of those guys seemed more like they were doing a 2 second wish that the object would be useful.

In a self healing (I have never worked on another person) I can feel lots of heat. I tried, however, to charge a clay medallion and I did not feel any heat or anything like that. Normally I do a sort of visualization, a form and force type deal and after 10 minutes or so, depending on how I feel, I might stop.
With the Reiki I have no idea what I am doing. I am very new to magick/spiritual stuff so I don’t really know what to do when something does not act as expected. Like when nothing seems to happen. (I should clarify that, I have far more failures than successes but I usually have some sort of idea why I failed, with Reiki charging I am not sure where to start so I can improve the situation)

Why does the Reiki work on my body but not on objects?

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It’s like doing reiki with plants, as learned in choku rey workings. You can even repair some minor structures with it.

Reiki works on objects too metal or crystals


Have you tried drawing the cho ku rei symbol on the object or on a paper and having the object on it? The symbol can be used as a sigil where you open it and program the energy coming from it!

It works on your body faster because its attuned to it! You need to work on projecting the energy to other things! It’s more noticeable on living things because it’s a universal life force. Am not saying solid objects doesn’t have a life force, they do but it’s hard to see it than in living things!

Try on your pet if you have one! Cats and birds love Reiki sessions! Or plants works too! Or a fruit and see how its taste differs from normal!

You also can think of it as a thought form and have it reside in an object which is what they are doing here!


Great answers MiKu and Rav. Very helpful.

Now it is time for full disclosure. I have had Reiki done to me a few times, so I know what it feels like. When I am doing it to myself it feels hotter than when another person is doing it to me. So I am sure Reiki is working in me. BUT, I read a book on Reiki and I watched 2 different online Reiki courses. Then I got a long distance attunement. Some people think that long distance attunements don’t work, so I thought I better disclose that to you.

As I said, I have had Reiki done to me by people who do it for a living. My long distance attunement was much stronger than what I felt when the Reiki practicioner was working on me, but I don’t know if I am as well attuned as if I would be if the attunement had been done in person.
I assume this would play into my lack of ability to charge an object or not.

I assume I already had some energy centers open before I got the Reiki attunement because I do the Cabbalist Cross, the LRP, the Middle Pillar and a shower of light pretty much every day and have been doing that for around 2 months.
Also, I have changed the way I do the LRP, now I invoke the ArchAngels/Elements, and ask them to work with me while I do my Reiki. I am in the 21 days of self healing Reiki, so another things is that I am very new, I will likely get stronger as I detox.

One thing I have noticed since the attunement, I seem to be able to see the etheric body better. Etheric may not be the correct term, it is a little distortion/energy that surronds the body very closely. OR maybe I am just doing some wishful thinking. I used to only be able to see that sometimes but now I can see it whenever I want and the distortion is much bigger, like a little less than a 1/4 inch thick. If that doesn’t sound right to you than that likely means I am wishful thinking. (although I do tend to be more skeptical of magick/energy, than I am optimistic, so wishful is probably not the best term to use, but I think it describes where I am at on this thing)

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I got that too! It does work that’s for sure!!! If you feel you need to re attun you can invoke the symbols instead of asking someone to do it for you the second time! Once you connect the first time you stay connected! Its just a matter of strengthening and clearing the channel! And invoking the symbols will do that for you!

Oh wow! You should be proud! That’s a lot of work! Keep it up!

When you say “invoking the symbols” what do you mean?
Does it mean I should I meditate on Cho Ku Rei?
Or should I visualize Cho Ku Rei while I am doing the 21 day detox?
Or should I do both?
Or were your referring to something else altogether?

THanks for all your answers, they are very helpful.

Yes! Draw the symbol and active it like a normal sigil! Then visualise taking it into you. When you’re done! Close the symbol and thank it.

When you did your 21 day detox, did your mind dredge up old grudges/hatreds or just things you were unhappy about.

I have been ticked off all day about stuff I thought long forgotten. I could not figure out why, then I remembered the detox. It said this could happen. So that is good, if it is getting rid of this stuff. Maybe when it is gone I will be happier or just more content. Hopefully it will assist me spiritually and I can progress with my metaphysics studies.

Am I correct it should all be gone by day 21.
I am on day 12 now.

you just Reiki the object, put palms over it and send the energy in, have you been initiated in level 1 Reiki?


so then you just do the reiki by getting ready then putting palms over object

reiki is a healing practice not really used to charge objects the same was you’d charge a sigil or a crystal. however, I assume reiki can be used to channel that healing energy into an object and temporarily make it an object used to heal, but that’s pretty much charging which isn’t exactly what reiki is used for.

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Great thread. I learned a lot of new things about reiki.

I personally got my Usui Reiki attunements via distance as well! The third symbol, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, is all about sending Reiki over a distance. So I don’t see why a distance attunement would be any less powerful. I felt mine very intensely :blush:

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I am Reiki level 1.
So a few questions. Can a Reiki 1 level person use the symbols or do they need to be level 2?
(I have been visualizing the Cho Ku Rei symbol and drawing it with my finger on my chest and on the palms of my hands) but I read somewhere that they don’t work unless you are level 2. Does anyone know if this is true?
I have been using this 22 minute self healing/detox video. I think it is time for me to maybe begin visualizing the Chakras and thinking about what they mean while doing the self healing thing. Anyone know of a decent video for this. And is 22 minutes long enough for the detox?

Of course first I do the Cabbalistic Cross, the LRP, the Middle Pillar, and the Shower of Light. so that probably helps a lot.

Also, I paid for the Level 2 treatment. Can I do it now or should I wait for the full 21 days before I get it?

Thanks everyone.

Also, I noticed that after the self healing, I am pretty calm. I may start with the healing, then go to the other stuff. Right now I am working on a sigil that is going to become a servitor. I think the Reiki would really get me ready for a great Middle Pillar so I can focus more energy. I should also be pretty well balanced too. I feel pretty good and pretty focused after the Reiki. Any thoughts on this?

I also have another question. (that is 3 alsos, I think). I have a pretty awful childhood. Would sending Se He Ki to the past, help with that. My subconscious tells me stuff that even I can tell is BS.
As a Reiki practicioner you need to use it to get stronger, would sending it to my past accomplish both things. Help fix some of my hang ups now, and let me practice it and grow stronger?


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I sometime read posts where people talk about taking in as much as some form of energy as they can and then releasing it into an object or servitor.
With Reiki people don’t really take in energy and store it to be released for a specific purpose, do they?
I know that energy healer have a specific intention when healing, if they know the client wants something worked on (and if it is for the highest good).

Are there are Chakra based meditations that allow for storing energy.
I got my attunement for self healing and I think it would also help balance me, get rid of some of the polarities. I feel that it does this, but I wonder if it can do more?

Can someone recommend a book on meditation/visualizations for magickians. So I want to grab the energy, store it up and then release it with a specific purpose. Does such a book exist?

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I believe its possible! The secret about attunements is that you need to feel the energy! So if you got distance Reiki session i assume the master used all the symbols so you got in contact with them and the energy! Anyone that felt the energy at some point can use it! If you don’t feel in touch with the new symbols i suggest treating them like a sigil until you get the proper attunement!

Its working! Keep at it

Yes yes and yes!

any energy can be stored until its done its purpose! Even Reiki!