Charging a glass of water

Watching the evovcation course right now. The experience EA mentions where the water charged to the point it induced a psychadelic experience sounds interesting. How would one go about duplicating that? Would you need access to voudoun to do so or would there be a way to do it with other types of magic?

I haven’t had hallucinogenic effects, but I did have some intense energetic experiences from evocations where I had a glass of water next to me but didn’t actually drink it until afterwards. I would imagine deliberate charging would work just like channeling energy/intention into anything else.

One of the later course sections will go into attach spirits to objects, so I’ll be you can adapt from that.

The glass of water will hold energy from the ritual.

Vodoun rituals…water… drinking the water from the altar… wooh, freak.

The water became literally possessed by Maman Bridgette, and so drinking it induced a possession of myself quite instantaneously.

This is BAD ASSSSSSS!!! Now I’m thinking about asking an entity to “charge” my chalice filled with spring water that I’ll set outside the circle, so I can then ingest/assimilate it’s power, knowledge, etc…

This is the adaptation you are all thinking of?

Geesh…I hope I don’t blow up!

I actually did that with demons, but I didn’t learn it from somewhere. I did it by instinct. Or, I may have learned it unconsciously when I had experiences with Bael.