Chaotic Thoughts

So I struggle with a lot of chaotic thoughts. I’m not sure if this is a curse placed on me, or my own anxiety.

The thoughts are dark… as though people are saying evil about me, trying their hardest to remove me from my place of employment. Basically, plotting against me, and rejoicing in my downfall. I heard recently, “It’s official, she’s not going to be here for long.” This isn’t a real audible voice, just in my head. I want to know why I am getting these obsessive thoughts? I then have to do my hardest to prevent them from taking away my employment… It can become a cyclical thing.

Anyone else have this?

Do you have OCD?

I tend to have chaotic thoughts but it’s more or so about those close to me and my fears constantly coming up in my mind, I chalk it up to being in a constant struggle with stress if not mental than physical.

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I link these because my lady let me know about these subjects, because I myself have OCD, and have obtrusive thoughts fairly frequently. The egodystonic thoughts are the worst, another dimension is that because you’re constantly in your head you’re highly self-critical, which can be a good thing if correctly balanced.

Obviously these things only apply if you have OCD, good luck.


You could work on this from both angles…perform a cleansing ritual and maybe a reversal spell.

Then take some time to unpick and look at possible triggers to these thoughts.

Remember the world around us is in chaos for this not to impact us on a deeper or energetic level is laughable.

You are important and so are your thoughts, these will turn in to feelings and then in to actions.
It’s also important to remember that we all are a little dark and twisted at times this isn’t necessarily A bad thing it may be just alerting you to take time out for yourself and to focus on you.


Thanks for the responses. I thought I would be harassed & misunderstood completely. It could very well be residual energies from my workplace which attach to me like a parasite. It makes me go nutty, thinking the worst case scenarios of losing my job, becoming homeless, committing suicide & all this dark stuff.

@DarkStarTati I would suggest learning to sheild. Here is one of my older posts that might help.


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I have been using a couple methods for defending my energy. It’s interesting how not too long ago, I didn’t know about this stuff, but now I know it is all very real & how important it is take care of your spiritual hygiene with cleansing.

The best entity to go to the root of the ocd problem and solve?