Chaos Money Magick

(I know I ask a lot of money spells/rituals). Anyone got any suggestions on chaos money Magick per chance?

This technique is pure Chaos Magic. The major reason you don’t have more money is you. You’re fucked-in-the-head!

Your Psychic Sensor: ‘Yes that’s right. Congratulations! Because that’s why you fit into a fucked up society! You have F.I.T.H. Syndrome! You’ll never be any good. You’ll have to work longer and harder for less and less. You’re just a fucking loser…None of your Magick ever works does it?..’

Everyone’s Psychic Censor is a bitch, but without fucking Nanny you’d be in a mental facility. As a Magician you need to learn how to subvert Nanny for your own Magickal purposes.

Get yourself some bank deposit and/or cheque slips. Fill these in with large sums of money to you. Place one where you see it often – like on a mirror, back of a door, etc. Take an oath to Yourself to look at the other one in your wallet every waking hour for at least a week, but the longer the better. Just close your eyes and see the paper slip, then what you will do with that money.

Last thing before bed – gaze at the deposit/cheque slip. Maybe put one in a picture frame. This is a psychological reprogramming exercise to allow you to stop repelling wealth. All the Magick in the world isn’t going to amount to a hill of beans if your Psychic Sensor Nanny is brutally kicking away every opportunity and blind-siding you to possibilities.

I wouldn’t post this if I hadn’t done it myself and know its clear and short-cut value. Maybe keep us posted.



Preach :)…


Jim Carrey also did something like this before he made it big. From what i understand he made out a check to himself for either 100,000 or 1 million and carried with him in his wallet until the day he could cash it. so thats pretty strong proof it works.

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Interesting… I’ll have to try is :slight_smile: thanks girl! :slight_smile:


This is great.

Add masturbation and edging to add fuel to your intention and visualisation if that’s your thing!