Chaos Magick

Where is the best place to start chaos magick?
I know Psionics is basically controlling others but i don’t have time to make any makeshift devices. I would like to be able to do it without any ritual. Just with my mind. Nothing more.


If you haven’t already, check out Liber Null by Peter J. Carroll. It has everything you need. After that, you just need to bum around to different traditions and study the symbolism the myths and rituals are trying to convey. Maps of Meaning by Jordan Peterson is pretty good at this.

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Is it a free grimoire?

Googling the title usually gives you a pdf within the first page of results.

Make a sigil. Do one about something that you could care less about like “someone will buy me a soda” or something like that. Great way to start. That’s what I did.


@Lady_Eva how can I share a .pdf? I have a step by step for this but I’ll be damned if I’m going to type it all out, lol.

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Liber Null is a good one to start with, specifically Liber MMM inside the book. I would also recommend Advanced Magick For Beginners by Chapman. This book progressively takes you through different kinds of magic to learn and experiment with. Both can probably be found in pdf online but certainly Liber MMM is out there and easy to find

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Like everyone says, Liber Null is good as a way in. And you can find it easily on the web. It’s basically the “basic grimoire” for chaos magick. There are some videos on YT teaching how to create a sigil, giving it a purpose and stuff like that. All you have to do is a little search.

Well, I’m all “Gallery of Magick” stuff, I really like their methods, always worked for me. There is a book of chaos magick but I didn’t read it, but if it is something like the other books I’d read, well, there’s good stuff. Go without fear if you want to.

Chaos magick isn’t my area at all but is a very free form of magick. You can create basically anything to help you, like servitors, and that’s the great thing about it.

If it’s yours, you should be able to upload it as an attachment. Drag and drop it into a reply and see if that works.

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