Chaos Magick Entity summoning

Chaos magicks relativity can really give a magician more power and more tools to work with.

We have a world full of entertainment and full of fictional characters that are partially and energetically charged up by billions of people, you may call it a program or a function if you will…

You summon beings like doctor strange, Gandalf, dumbledore, thanos etc. and get some insane results and marinate your energy into those programs… yes programs they aren’t conscious entities, they programmed by the collective consciousness

I’ve personally summoned doctor strange in all directions and my realm would shift completely, I would literally feel like the sorcerer supreme and on the a plus side, since the frequency is so powerful it can actually help with bringing out your own magick unique to your own DNA and your essence, pentagrams aren’t necessary but can still be utilized, one of the many things I feel chaos magick is underrated for is its potential

Please add your own characters or methods you’ve seen as beneficial to your work if you feel called to do so, would be greatly appreciated