Chaos magick download and looking for people to assist with large scale rituals via sigils

So I have recently received a plethora of information via download into my mind and wish to convey this information to you folks. I don’t know how well this information is known or if it has been lost in time. But I do wish to get it out there regardless of the fact. If you are interested I will give a break down of the way my runes work. All runes are crafted based off intent and those form the basis of your spell.


I am very interested

Okay well I suppose even one is interested its enough. Bear in mind the runes I have if put into a circle together and use my linking rune will enhance the spell So i will begin explanation now.

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So to begin to do this magic you first need to write your intent be as specific as possible in a sentence shorter is ideal but you can have 1 sentence 2 absolute max. From there you remove all vowels and repeating letters till you only have letters that only come up once.

From there you draw based off intuition your rune till it feels “correct” you then when wanting to cast said rune do your words of power to cast it ( if you know the supreme pentagram banishing ritual this will be your best one) kabbalistic cross is enough though if you are just starting out for those who don’t know what this is I will have link soon enough. after invoking your words of power state your intent of applying said words of power to said rune then place in your mind that rune on the center of your chest near heart state you allow the rune to take root in you with the words of power and the pre established intent of the rune. state you allow it to take over your entire being and will last until you state otherwise ( or if you had a specific amount of time in intent state that will remove itself from the pre established intent )

after that you meditate on it allowing the rune to take hold on your body if you did the spell right their should be a very heavy feeling on your chest that you want to spread on you. this is the link detailing the rituals of the pentagram if you wish to do this spell working and hav’nt studied this I advise you do


I am hoping to work with a group that wishes to cast these spells enmasse but I am still learning my pentagram banishing rituals so I am not as studied as I would like to be. I plan to use many crystals when i go balls out on it.

This sounds like basic sigil magic with runes.

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Oh very interesting. Is it completely the same or similar in some way? my runes seemed to always have a celtic feel to it. My plan from here is to have multiple intent’s as well as runes specifically for augmenting the other runes and inducing different things like specific planetary alignment It gets really powerful!

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Yeah dude, this is just common basic sigil magick. A staple of Chaos Magicians for decades.


Nice good to know :slight_smile: I came up with it randomly without even KNOWING what it was. I was not corrected in calling them runes so I didn’t know what else to call them. Is my technique effective would you say?

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People have varying degrees of success, but over all yes, it’s considered a reliable magical technique.


ok I ended up placing this under chaos magic if you wish Maybe we can work together for a large scale one I am looking for people to bounce ideas off of to improve this and do a mass ritual for the benefit of all I will have runes in place in case some malevolence gets into the circle to reflect it.

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I will have to politely decline. I rarely work with other people because I don’t just mix my energy with anyone without good reason. Good luck with your venture though.


no problem but thank you for the info!

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