Chaos magick don´t believe in Karma after performing magick?

I have read that Chaos magick is the only magickal current that doesn´t believe in karma, so chaos magicians don´t have to protect themselves after performing magick?

You should always protect yourself, but that has nothing to do with the original concept of karma. Also has nothing specific to do with chaos magic.

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So Chaos magicians always perform some protection?
Could you let me know some effective and easy technique for seld protection and protection for your relatives? Do your relatives also need protection?


It has nothing specific to do with chaos magicians.

All magicians SHOULD. Not all magicians DO.

This will be up to you. Search things like protections sigils or spells. Look up petition spells for protection using entities, if you are unsure about the strength of your sigils.

I frequently use wards and offerings (to deities, demons, angels, ancestors) for protection and “thanks”. Look up some and see if any are things you think you will actually do.


karma is do some shit in your current life and it will shape your next life, that’s what karma is, it’s none of that stuff people call karma now. Chaos magicians believe whatever they want in the moment that will help their work then they discard that belief when it no longer serves them. Karma doesnt have anything to do with chaos magick.


I wouldn’t say chaos magic is the only current that does not believe in karma, as there are others. But there are other reasons to protect yourself, so I would say a lack of a concept of karma is necessarily enough to dismiss the need to defend oneself.

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The more I learn about Karma, the more I realize it’s been wrongly interpreted and it is just a belief that makes people comfortable. If a Leopard kills a baby deer, it’s survival. There’s no force that’s going to make the animal pay. Same with humans.

Karma refers to getting the fruits of your actions so from my point of view, if you curse someone, the curse manifests and if you bless someone, the blessing manifests. It’s fucking hard to get the Karmic programming out of the mind but yeah.

OP many Magicians don’t believe in Karma. I myself am Nuetral and you shouldn’t always protect yourself. I used to neglect shielding and guess what happened. Especially if you’re doing baneful work, SHIELD!!

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I am siding with Twilight_Dragon in this thread, there is also a video from Kurtis Joseph where he explains Karma in a really good way :slight_smile:

Yes in the next life, however as occultist started getting ahold of it and most people it started to be a do good and good will come to you and do bad and bad will come to you but the fruits of your labor in this life is pays off in the next. Do good and your life would be elevated just as good in the next, do bad and it will be just as bad in the next.

I also agree with Twilight Dragon,Karma is just a fruit of your actions.

I don’t really think that this is true, and with everything it depends on perception. On a macroscopic scale none of us has the right to ever curse somebody else, but lets face it there are dicks walking around and every know and then they push their boundaries to far.

Example time: I curse you because you have got the promotion instead of me. From my POV you did me wrong by taking the space I have worked so hard for (keep in mind in this example I truly worked harder than you) so after seeing you suffer from my curse the only karma I will get is justice has been served and I feel relief. If you don’t get the feeling of relief you are probably facing the emotion of guilt which in return curses you (from a psychological point of view). The system of karma is a system of controlling considering where I comes from (India as far as I am aware please correct me if it is wrong). What do the powerful want to keep? Right their power. How can they loose it? If people start rioting and taking what is rightfully yours, it is easier to say to abstain from all violence curses etc. and hope for a better life in your next reincarnation than taking action know. Saturn the great universal judge is what most people refer to when talking about karma, he is surely punishing you if you curse but your life or the life of others doesn’t get better. Every negative action has to be balanced by a positive one in your macroscopic world-> you fall sick I get the promotion and life happy ever after

I come from the hermetic school of thought especially Bardon but am also heavily influenced by Taoist ideas, stoic ideas, and the Hindu gods.

I’m not speaking on what you think is true or not, nor any other nitpicked ideology of karma. Karma in it’s actual origins regardless of if you disagree. Karma has always been linked to what you do in this life affects the next. That is the origins of karma before occultists and western civilization made it into what it is.

I don’t believe in karma because I do not follow the faith where karma affects me, but all the same most of you speak on karma and don’t even know the full ideology of its basis.

Sorry but thats just not true karma means ritual or sacrificial action in its actual sense but is used as a word describing cause and effect I don’t know where you’ve gotten the idea that past life, reincarnation and future lives are involved.

Do your research, don’t nitpick. That’s what I will leave you with. Karma factors very well into the cycle of rebirth. It’s not true for you because clearly you have not did further research besides again, glossed over ideology.

Karma literally means “deed” or “act” and is associated with earthly existence. The concept of karma in Indian philosophy and religion is inextricably associated with the doctrine of rebirth, or reincarnation. According to the law of karma, a person’s individual and collective actions determine the nature of his or her future existence in the present life or in a future life. Karma is not punishment or retribution, but simply an extended expression of natural acts. The doctrine of karma and samsara (the realm of rebirth and karmic retribution) provides causal explanations for the phenomena of life, serves as a foundation for ethical and religious understanding, and rationalizes the commitment to seek liberation from a painful and unsatisfactory worldly existence.

I've dived in this enough to say most of you take half of what karma stands for and go "i dont believe it" atleast get the entire gist.
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Could you please cite your source? For further research.

Do your own research, you chose to follow the half hearted idea of karma you can choose to put your own work in as well.

For those of you who are interested…

Protect themselves from what? Father Chaos :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: is everything

Chao ab Ordo