Chaos Magick and Technology


Hail BALGers, SLS here.

I’ve been using Chaos Magick for several years now and I noticed that every now and again some electronic equipments like Radio, Mobile Phones (especially Smartphones), MRI machines are affected by my presence and/or interaction (and vice versa). I also noticed that this disturbance occurs only with devices that are Electromagnetic-Waves related…
As any of you experienced such “disturbance”? I’d love to get to know your experiences.


I can relate so much…
My Score is: 1 Laptop, 5 Mobile Phones, 1 Electronic watch and an unknown number of Stroboskopic lights. 1 CD Player but that was on purpos to get the neighbor to shut up.
It happens mostly while charging a room or after intense outwards directed meditations.


Cool… I had a high-end smartphone that few months after bought started to get slower and slower, to the point that no app were loading anymore, text messages were fucked up and phone calls were unclear… Took it to a store for repair, they benchmark it for couple days and give it back to me saying “it’s new, nothing’s wrong with it”… another month with me and same situation again… Brought to the same store, checked it again… like new… sold. Second smartphone… My wife use it fine… comes back to my hands, everything crushes… All it does with no problem is the morning alarm… Tablet… history… couple months time and takes something like 5 minutes only to give me the main screen… and pretty much as much to load anything (if it doesn’t crush)…
The most funny and creepy has been the MRI experience… got caught in a fight and ended up in the hospital with broken nose and pain in a knee… fixed the nose we passed to the knee. RX clean… pain still there. Sent for MRI. Couple minutes inside and the nurse (or whatever is called) ask me to be still. I reply “I am”. about a minute later she ask me if I was shaking and told me to be “more still” as the picture was blurry… we finally make it… As soon as I get off the machine I noticed my knee swelled up… only the irradiated area… I was like “Fuck… can you call me a cab?”