Chaos magick and beliefs

My understanding is that the premise of chaos magick, is that beliefs create reality or whatever experience you might have. But, my question is, if two different people, with two different beliefs evoke the same spirit, will the experience that they have with the spirit be different, because of their different beliefs, or will the spirit still be exactly the same in it’s attitude, regardless of their different beliefs?


The main concept of Chaos Magic(k) is “what works, works”. Belief is a tool. You can use five different tools to smash a wooden box, but as long as the box is smashed, it works. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sledgehammer or brass knuckles, according to Chaos theory, as long as the results are there, the box will be smashed. You just have to decide if you like the knuckles, sledgehammer or steamroller for the “smash the box” objective.

So the short answer is, everything will be slightly different but Chaos theory focuses more on the outcome rather than the ritual, so it doesn’t matter as much since those details are so varied anyway. Satan is still Satan, but we all have a different vision of him. That doesn’t make him any less Satanic. As long as he’s Satan, he is Satan.

That’s how Chaos theory works.

I recommend Adam Blackthorn’s book “The Master Works of Chaos Magick” for more in-depth reading if you’re interested. You can buy it off Amazon. It helped me a lot in terms of understanding Chaos theory.



The experience will be the same if they both believe it will be the same. If they expect to have different experiences then they will.


Thanks so much! This is a brilliant example that you used, I really helped me to put chaos magick in perspective.

I love reading and I am always looking for good occult books, I will definately buy the book on my amazon kindle app. Thanks for the recommendation!

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I understand, it depens on their beliefs.

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I can’t agree with you on this, @AdamThoth.

There are times where I’ve believed I would have the same experience of a spirit as another person, yet it turned out quite differently for me.

I do think the spirits respond to us differently because we’re different people, but my own experiences suggest it’s based on something more than just our beliefs.

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Perhaps you are correct there are those situations but group think and collective mob mentality have a very deffinate effect on perception. This is why we have situations in which people or even experts call group hallucination. Of course an entire group can’t have the same hallucination or can they? Or is it not hallucination at all but an experience of the spirit? I’ve been in situations where days later someone else enters a house and gets The same psychic impressions and experience with a ghost that I had and we only discover the similarities after comparing notes. So perhaps it can be different but it can also be the exact identical experience even simultaneously in real time. Anything is possible in magick it’s just about what we perceive.

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@AdamThoth … I completely agree with everything you said there. We call them “The Mysteries” for good reason. :wink:

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