Chaos Magick, an Introduction

Hey, it’s been awhile balg, so I’ve made a treat for all the beginner chaotes out there. To start things off, I want to thank all those who have helped me along my path in and out of this forum. I personally feel as if I should cast out the nets, and allow those who are seeking to find the chaos that lurks deep inside of their souls. Without further ado let us begin.

Chaos magick is everything and nothing. Something we discordians know as the sacred chao. Chaos isn’t bound by law, only by yourself. Hence our saying is “Nothing is true and everything is permitted”. However, this often leads new chaotes into confusion. So, today I will be outlining the bare bones of chaos magick, and how to get the ball rolling so to speak.

Firstly, I would suggest training gnosis. What is gnosis you may ask? Gnosis is an altered state of consciousness where your mind, body, and spirit can focus entirely on a single task. To begin gnosis is to take up the torch, and most often is where new chaos magicans fail. Now, to get into how one goes about achieving gnosis. Step one, stillness. Now this is very important, get as comfortable as possible before you begin. Once your all settled in stop moving, completely. Don’t move a single muscle in your body. Don’t move your fingers, your tongue, or your eyes. I would recommend closing your eyes beforehand, also please don’t forget to breathe (it’s harder than it sounds). But, you do you. Practice stillness everyday until you can reach I would say around fifteen minutes. Step two to gnosis, breathing. After you get into stillness begin breathing as deeply as you possibly can, filling your lungs till they burn, and exhaling till you tremble. Repeat this everyday until you can achieve fifteen minutes of stillness and breathing. Final step to gnosis, mental stillness. To this point the affromentiomed exercises have solely prepearsd you for this step. When your doing your gnosis, just allow your mind to go completely blank. Doing this often reveals your mind to be a torrent of waves, and it will fight your every step of the way. If it proves to difficult at first, focus in on your breathing, and if that doesn’t work say some nonsense word over and over again. Even a second of mental stillness is quite the triumph. Don’t give up voidwalker. Do this until you can achieve fifteen minutes of all three gnosis steps at the same time.

So, you’ve made it this far, very, very good. Now, we need to begin a process referee to as paradigm shifting or personal metamorphosis. To do this I would recommend dropping a meaningless habit, and picking up a new one. Continue to do this to a larger and larger scale until you can achieve it with something as large as your beliefs, this is the building blocks of all magick. You don’t actually have to be a Cthulhu cultist, just one while your in your circle.

Now, you know the bare bones of all magick. Congratulations, now we get to dive into the juicy stuff, the real chaos. Make a personal goal for you. Make it unattainable, obtain it anyway. Don’t make everything serious, laugh and live a little. Chaos is everything, and inside of each and every one of us. Finally, never forget that all things are possible so long as you believe they are, and question everything. Good luck.


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