Chaos Magic: A Poem

Chaos Magic

I stand before her
The emptiness of the Void
Her legs spread wide open,
And I gaze into nothingness

Unhinged at the seams of consciousness
I swoon and the dance between us begins
She ravages my senses as I fuck her womb with my mind
Stimulating her with ideas of Nothingness

In return for the pleasure,
She clenches her cunt
Unhinging my mind more
With her forbidden Ideas

She increases the stimulation
Of my senses as I try to pull out
Of her emptiness and heretical ideas
But the intoxicating heresy of Gnosis doesn’t let go

She clenches down tighter…
Becoming ever more Wet
With illogic and things that
No man-mind should concieve of

Blood comes out the skin of my Consciousness as I am pushed beyond
Rationality and sanity
Contemplating blashphemous ideas

She did this…fucking Gnosis!
Her long, colored nails drag at my mind
While she mutters incomprehensible words
Taking me ever deeper into her maddness

The tension of Insanity builds in us both
Culminating in her juices of knowledge
Being squirted over my Consciousness
And me shooting forth ideas, my mind exploding in the sensations and dephts of Gnosis

We collapse in pleasure, and laugh…
I return to normal awareness

That was Gnosis of The Light Goddess…
Now I must face The Dark Goddess and her Black Gnosis :smiling_imp:

And so round 2 begins


This was written as a culmination of Chaos rites I did last nite
I am fucking Baked and Unhinged at the seams lol
Enjoy what has cum out of my Insanity and into the Womb of your mind

Spread those intellectual legs wide ladies :smirk::smiling_imp::rofl: