Chanting is an amazing tool for ascent. Are you taking advantage?

I read a post here on BALG that first exposed me to the concept of chanting with beads. Check it out here:

And a massive THANK YOU to @Uncle-Al for turning me on to this. This is an account of my very limited personal experience with this technique.

So, after reading this, I decided to give it a go. I made mine from wood beads strung on hemp chord, as per the suggested directions. I incorporated chanting a dedication to a particular entity in exhaltation for one measured breath, 100 times. I incorporated this into my daily practice for several months. It had more than a few effects for me.

TG synch came easy. Very noticeable was an almost automatic swaying in the spine (lower), and an energetic sensation between the shoulder blades.

Time gets suspended in a crazy way some times. If there was not a physical end to my strand then sometimes I would not know when to stop chanting. It is easy to become lost. If you want to compound this effect listen to Mogwai.

Chanting is a kind of automatic breath training exercise. So far I have been exposed to no better. Fucking rock it, and experiment. Whatever breath count or pattern you can contrive, there is assuredly a corresponding chant.

Your sensory stimulation requirement for trance is satisfied in effective ways. Your breath is focused, your mind has an agenda, your hands are busy… you can get work done. The amalgamation of stimuli results in a counter-intuitive peace. Use it.

This may seem a bit periphery, but chanting can lead to the bestowing of wisdom if you can manage to leave your mind open to it. When your mind is in this chanting state it is much more receptive; one of my strongest protective measures came to my mind quite by accident through chanting, and recently at that.

Three months later I still look forward to my daily bead chants with relish, and I look forward to the future enrichment it may have towards my practice. One of the more abstract things I have found for me is that chanting can quite literally be addictive.

So have those beads ready for your fix.

If bead chanting is not something you do, perhaps it is time to give it a go?

And guys, as I write this I realize I am still missing the immediate recollection of probably 70% of the extremely cool boons this has brought me; the importance of this as a tool cannot be understated.


Yes! I chant certain words from the Nordic soul complex and vibrate them deeply each night before bed. I showed my therapist this and she actually recorded a map of my brain during a chanting session. It changes the chemistry of your brain depending on the word, intent, and frequency of your chant. I also have observed noticeable changes in my subtle bodies since beginning the process of chanting the words “Önd”, “Hugh”, “Myne”, and “Wöd”. It’s so fascinating and under appreciated the power of sonic vibrations. The staot from BMOA comes to mind as well.

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Bro. and Mate,

Glad I could be of some assistance. You owe me that in the fulness of time you too will pass on the techniques. And thanks so much for your posting!



Would you be willing to share the method you consider the strongest? I’m very interested in gaining knowledge about protective measures