Chanting Belials Enn. And summoning

Will chanting the Enn summon Belial or will it simply start a commucation bwtween us two. Please note I have only the sigil and I don’t think I’m ready to summon yet. And does it take more than just chanting the Enn to summon him?

PS - I’m this close to purchasing the UC

A brielf explanation appreciated!

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Chanting the enn will invoke his energy into the area, and draw his attention, but by itself it is generally not enough for a full on summoning, unless you already have a strong connection with him.

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As always, thank you. That’s quite a relief as he’s too powerful for some. But he is stil able to do tasks that others ask him to do without a ful summoning, right?

Didn’t you already ask that question? lol

Yes, you can simply open his seal and project your intent into it.


Yea lol. Disregard that. I tried asking in another fashion. thanks again.

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