Chanting a spirit's name

So, on my drive home from work, I was chanting “Belial” in my car. Afterwards, I had a strange feeling of happiness like I never had since childhood. I just laughed at everything & felt overjoyed. Did any of you get a similar experience? I did feel my anxiety come back afterwards, but nonetheless, it felt odd. What does it mean?

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The laugh of madness is a powerful banishing. But it doesnt mean that the parasites and strange energies will keep the distance. Do a couple of banishings more just in case. Better safe than sorry. If they return all together that might be unpleasant.

So you suspect it’s parasitic entities attacking me? I am riddled with anxiety & fear.

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Might be cause the mad laugh drives them away but not permanently.

The feeling of happiness that you described, I experienced, too. I always have it, when I chant a Lilith - mantra or another mantra of the Great Mother Godess. It is the same sorta happiness, which we experience in Tantra or some forms of sex magick. It is a short moment of beeing at home, at home in the spirit world, where all our souls originally come from…