Hello everyone I just wanted to share something with everyone I was in a ritual last night with Azazel and pretty much losing my self durring the process when I believe I was given this by Azazel to use for him -Estuda tu ram neneso Santana kulla azazel- I hope I got the spelling is right wrote it out how it sounded to me any ways hope someone finds this useful

Is this an enn he would like you to use when evoking?

And what is the purpose of this mantra?

You’ve been practicing for less than a year, according to your introduction, so I’m not sure if this would be effective for anyone but yourself.

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Not to sure what the purpose of this manta is exactly would like to add I’ve been working directly with Azazel for 2months now I might only have less than a year under my belt but my whole life I’ve had the ability to communicate with spirts even tho I can’t see or here them I natural can telepathically communicate with these entities

I mean he has lots of enn you could use but this one was given to me I was just sharing in hopes someone might find power in it never hurts to give it a test run

Well tbh, I think it would be wise to find out exactly what this mantra is for. If you recive information from “spirit” and you are unclear of the message then it is best to probably contact them again and ask for clarification.

When you fully understand what it means and you have used it repeatedly with tangible results, only then should you recommend it to others.

But good job on your dedication and commitment. Keep going!

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Okay so an update I do take your advice on the use of this mantra and I do attend puting it to practice there will be an update down the road going into more detail about my experiences, but I was told it’s for possession something I have been focusing on for a while now but word for word a message I was told to pass: help you ascend further into a relationship there are no boundaries there is always another level accent never stops you always have room to grow knowledge has no limits


Well that message seems pretty sound and solid to me.

Maybe start a journal to track your progess? That way you can keep it all together and when you update, others can follow along and read all about your encounters.

Since you are still relatively new to magick, it may be a good idea for you, or not, lol. I’d read it. :wink:

I’ve had a journal since I started this path it has all my pacts from start to finish spells mantras prayers I’ve personal wrote up dreams ect my end goal is to hopefully be able to publish my own book one day but I’m a long ways from that lol

Thats excellent. Do you have a link to it? Or do you just keep it offline? Either way publishing a book is a great goal to have. Good luck on your path.

I’m actually waiting on a computer right now that coincidentally just found its way to me completely free my brother will be bring it with him when he moves back down here in the next month or so. Once it gets here I’ll be able to start keeping files of it until I feel like it’s ready to start the process of being published going to be a lot of work

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