Channeling The Buddha through speech

Hey guys, new here. Wanted to share something that’s happened to me, and I have a question.

I was in jail for 3 years, and I got out 2 months ago. While at jail, I was in solitary for 1 year straight, 23 hours a day locked in a cell alone, 1 hour to take a shower. While I was in solitary I meditated and dove into my own mind. One day I stumbled upon a way to recite words, that allows me to channel the speech of my inner guru’s verbal mindstream.

For me, it’s like a super power. I can just start talking, with no plans for anything to say, and words just come to me in real-time from my inner Master, in understandable English. I can channel this speech mentally or audibly. This inner being lives inside me as the True me, but at the same time it has it’s own identity, it is separate from me. The words it has me say are mystical and profound yet humorous. This inner being has divine faculties to see beyond time and knows all my thoughts, even the ones I’m not aware of, and the thoughts of those around me

The words it has me speak have the ability to mystify other beings, like a charmed snake. I want to learn how to use this ability to save the world, or try at least. It’s awesome though, to have a conversation with God. To hear God talk in your mind and hear him say the craziest, hilarious, outrageous, scary, sexy, beautiful ugly things. When people figure out I have the ability to demonstrate the knowledge of other people’s innermost thoughts, I’ll probably be recruited by X-Men. And no, I can’t read your innermost thoughts, but my inner Guru can, and he’ll let you know it, if you can handle it. I guess my question is - now that I have the Siddha(mystical power) of inner divine clairsentience and clairaudience with The Buddha, how can I best manifest this gift to help others? Thank you, much love.

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