Channeling the Anunnaki

Hello everyone. This is a somewhat a controversial subject with many different view points. My goal isn’t to get involved with theories and ideology so much as it is to further uncover the truth of humankind. Due to research I feel that I have come to my own conclusions about the existence of the Anunnaki. I believe they are 100% extratriestrial. I believe they come from Nabiru. I believe they have not only have superior technology through science but sorcery as well (as if there is an actual difference). I am here to ask for help from this community on how I can reach them. Evocation is great but I do not want a rogue/ random entity claiming it is one of them to interfere. Any thoughts on “extratriestrial shamanism” i.e. the term coined by V.K. Jehannum. I appreciate any information you would be willing to share.
C.C. Stallings (the broken mold)

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I’ve only reached them through projection but it wasn’t anything “extraterrestrial” but some use their names in the language they’re written cuneiform if I remember correctly.

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I can imagine that you could evoke them in the same way I could evoke any god, demon, or human being. Its interesting you say you met them in astral projection. What was your experience with them?

To clarify I met them in the etheric not the astral as to me the astral is a plane of thoughts. However, my experience isn’t related to the alien theory around them but rather them being a race of Gods. They did have advanced technology like the other Gods I’ve met but also worked with magick/energy.

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My perception of them from all the stories from ancient times has always been more like that of the “Asgardians” from the Thor Marvel movies. A civilization of technology, magick, and science.

thats the mental plane the plane of thouts


Yeah I’ve come to notice a lot of them have advanced technology and magick. Which is why I think often times it’s what makes the confused as ETs but that’s just what I think after my experience with them.

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its one of the layers of reality like the astral and ethnic are too

To me the astral is the mental plane. Thoughtforms and other forms of thoughts, emotions, and such given form exist within it.