Channeling Spirits

Does anybody know any methods of channeling a spirit without a sigil? I’ve tried meditating using the spirits name as a mantra but no success so far.

I have a book on this. First find out everything you can about the spirit attributes, lore etc. Also it helps if you make a list and in addition to the above list some attributes you think the spirit would have.

Begin a meditation and visualize the spirit far away in the distance. Start listing its attributes and stories as though you were telling a story about this spirit. I.E. “This is Raphael, the archangel who rules over Mercury…” Then visualize the spirit closer to you, a few feet away.This time list the attributes and stories to the spirit like a starstruck fan. “I know you, you are Raphael who did…” Lastly imagine the spirit merging its essence with yours, really feel it as it occupies the same space as you do. This time list the attributes and stories from the spirit’s point of view “I am Raphael who did…”

Try it, play around with it, and have fun.

To add on to Orismen’s statements.

In general, once you established a fair degree of a connection with a spirit or are able to put aside your human mind and become a receptive value, you can begin to funnel information from spirits quite freely. You’ll take small steps but you’ll learn to let them write with your hands, speak through your mouth and see through your eyes. Though, you should retain cognitive control over yourself in the end.

Thanks Orismen that’s an interesting technique.I’ll try this tonight.