Channeling my own incantations

For awhile now I’ve been immersing myself into magical incantations, i’ve been using other practitioners incantations and mantras for quite some time. Im very curious on how it is other practitioners are able to channel very potent and unique incantations from spirits so clearly. I know you should open your senses first and really devote oneself to channeling work, but I’ve come to want to learn how to do this for myself and i want to devote myself to my own unique craft. Learning how to channel my own incantations would be my devotion. can anyone walk me through the process on how to successfully channel my own individual incantations from the spirits i work with? I will dedicate my time and effort to learn how to channel my own incantations. It’s one of the things im most interested in at the moment. If anyone on this forum is good with channeling incantations, can you walk me through this process?

@DarkestKnight and his visionary magic methods seem to be working really really well.

I get communication that’s really clear sometimes, but I’ve never had a spirit give me an incantation.

Granted I’ve never asked either, so you know. That could be 9/10ths of the law or something.

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Should i just try to evoke and ask?

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If you are capable of evoking, then I would say, yes. Simply evoke the spirit and ask them to provide you with incantations or mantras for some effect.


Honestly it seems like a good place to start, DK is typing down there, so I’m sure he’s got a better answer for you, but that’s where I would start if it was me answering lmao…Because I don’t know the best answer.

Wow for once you beat me @DarkestKnight


@DarkestKnight, any juicy secrets you can give me on how you channel your mantras?

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Honestly, man, there are no secrets. I just ask. I contact the spirit using whatever preferred method, and ask them to provide a mantra, word of power or incantation for a specific purpose. Generally, I’ll ask for something that will produce an effect within their sphere of influence or that will call upon their power when chanted.


So you just piece every letter that comes to you together until you get your mantra?

No, I will either see them shimmering in the air, or hear them spoken. They come to me whole, not in pieces.


Ok, im going to evoke and work towards being able to do this. Thank you for your reply.

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