Channeling Belial

Hello ! So , i tryed channeling with Belial , i ve started this 1 month ago . I don t know if it s ok what i get from him , or if it s really him . I m confused . I feel my senses evolving but you know … very slow . Sometimes i get images , sometimes i get words , never both . when i get both of them it s imagination . Little by little i ve come to know the difference . Cold air is pushing against my skin from time to time . My left hand is vibrating or i feel pressure on it . Sometime i feel the energy being very intense there . This is not happening only with Belial , it s happening with nearly every spirit but in a different manner .
2 times i could see myself in other places . First time in a greenfield , second time in desert . Second time was intense , i could feel the sand .

If you have any advice or feel to tell me something i m open to you . Thx for your time !

Pay attention to all these differences, maybe always start by gazing at the sigil of the chosen spirit (but a moment arrives when it suffices the name, an image or just the thought) and practice different types of training: trance, mental void, chakras, some form of divination.


Thank you !

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UPDATE : I ve found out from him what s the problem and what i need to do as a first step in my evolution from his perspective : quit smoking and drugs , even if i use them for recreational reasons from time to time .
I was not affected by this and i ve accepted his little deal : no smoking and drugs and he will be with me . The second part of the story is that all night i was dreaming about myself smoking etc . I don t dream a lot , this is strange .

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You need to learn psychic self defense.

Your showing all the clear symptoms of negative entity’s trying to feast off of your vitality.

Trust me I know this all too well… they are trying to manipulate for the long run, put you in a state of fear, the negative images and thoughts will grow in power the more you put energy into it and will sabotage your progress. Physical pressure will start to work to your major chakra centers if you don’t pay attention.

But… of course if you listen to Belial, then all is good, but if you want a real details of why this is happening then keep reading.

The reason why Belial is telling you to stop doing drugs and smoking is, not just because it’s bad for you, but also because you are in a vulnerable state and are prone to attacks by negative spirits ( bully’s in other words ) when you are doing drugs and getting high and have bad shit going through your blood.

I highly recommend to talk to Belial and ask him about psychic self defense, I am sure any entity would appreciate a human who understands a thing or two about it.

There is a course you can buy about it that you will find within the become a living god authors.

I highly recommend it.

One tip I should give is, always turn the light on when you feel any of that. The ceiling fan light or a lamp or whatever you got.

Thank you


Thank you so much for your time !

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Hey , i ve studied in great detail about psyhic self defense in the last few days and i ve found a pretty simple practice called Pentagram Banishment . The problem is , in this book , the author advised to use sacred names of God . In your experience , can this interfere with Belial or any other entity that i allowed in my space knowingly ? The ideea is i want to get rid of parasites , and i ve heard they fear other strong spirits , so it s ok if i replace the sacred names of God with the name of other strong spirit ? Sorry for bothering you again and thx in advance for your time and support !

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That’s a good question!

The answer is… It will not hurt Belial or any other entities you allow. But! You have to have the intention to not hurt them.

So when you do the banishment, you must be %100 absolutely clear that you want to get rid of the unwelcomed attacks and evil.

Belial is smart just as most other entity’s of this caliber… Aslong as you talk to belial and tell him what you are doing with the banishment then he will work with you on it… aslong as your not trying to attack belial, then your good! I do it all the time.

Also, you can try replacing the name with other entities, but…the sacred names on the books are in there because it already works. You can test it out with other names at another time,
The reason why I say this is because… this is one thing that builds up over time like a workout, you would have to stick with it as it builds up with power over time, and since you just began, I would recommend sticking with what’s in the book rather than going straight into changing things.

You can definitely experiment with different names after you understand better how it works and what your doing.

Its what what I personally recommend.


Hey Stan,

Your probably gonna have more questions about this, please message me in my inbox if you wish.

Theres not alot of people on here who do self defense and black magic together in combination, I’ve been doing it for years now.

So don’t be sorry, you can ask me any questions .

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Off topic…
Are from Romania? Just asking

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You already know the answer .

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