Channeling Anger as a Fuel Source

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Not really into cursing so I was pretty quiet in this part of the forum. Recently I had reason to “express” myself in an adverse way towards my target. This basically was nothing too extravagant just a litany of invocations seeking aid to empower my goal, then raising and channeling my rage at a target and envisioning their demise, whatever that’s not why I’m here. A couple of months ago I created a servitor that was designed to absorb my anger and rage and act as a storage device pretty much for the instance vaguely described earlier. I’m not saying it that I never got mad again, but I was and am in alot more control of myself due to it. With this working I tapped the servitor and had it help fuel my goal.
After the spell was over I felt like I had gone a couple of rounds and was ran ragged and poisoned . Along with the negative psychological aspects as well. It took alot of grounding just to get back to a normal state so to speak. My question is: is this the only fuel source that is best used for this line of spell work? I literally felt like crap for the rest of the night and the workings I did prior to sleep led to some disturbing something is watching me type of side affects. Actually that is kind of lingering still come to think of it. I’m wondering if I can still operate baneful type workings from a detached emotional state without using that energy source?


In my experience you can, yet the effects are more “softened”

Rage is the best emotion to harm, otherwise you"ll be be incrementally harming tour target.

It depends if thats ok for you. Mathers and Crowley magickal war took around 15 years to finish with Crowley winning. Luckily your enemy is not a magickian!

Anger is a useful tool IF you can use it in a controlled manner, but it’s a shit fuel source.

Much better is state of emptiness that comes after a long hard rage. To sustain that intense emotion, you burn through whatever neurofuel the brain needs to keep that going. Once you’ve burned through that supply, it takes time to regenerate, and in the meantime you won’t be able to feel anything (emotionally speaking).

Once you’ve reached that state of quiet, you’re not holding onto anything, and at that moment your entire will is available to you. Anger is a good way to get there, but it’s fucking exhausting.

I agree with The Cusp. To be all honest, my hateful baneful works ended up in failure, all of them. Now when I go baneful on someone, I just get in a peaceful and balanced state of mind and spirit, use white candles and white paper, things like this. Even though the results tend come take longer to come, they are being satisfactory so far, even though im still testing this out. Its just like water spirits, they take longer to affect something, but the results lasts longer also.

Hey All,

Thanks for the responses! This is really one of my first fully immersed baneful rituals so I figured anger / rage was the go to move. Normally if reasoning with an individual fails I’m more comfortable just fighting it out and letting the cards fall where they will.
Honestly the after affects of this baneful work was something I didn’t like at all and it’s been a good long while since I used anger as an emotional trigger so it took me by surprise. Still waiting for the results, either way I’ll be using alternative methods if I have to resort to baneful spell working again.


The last curse I placed (which is the baneful working that’s worked for me) was not derived from anger but from a need to remove someone from my path that stood in the way of my advancement at work.

I placed the curse and didn’t feel any anger but in the back of my mind was the intent to remove this person from impeding with my goal of becoming a more higher up at work.

The target was forced to take over a month from work due to a very minor injury and I was given their position.

Let your intent of the curse flow through you.It doesn’t have to be pure hate and anger.
Just focus on how your life will be without that person in the way.

Just my 2 cents.


Thanks alot MK, definitely a perspective worth trying out. To be honest, I’m pretty much over the situation anyway. Don’t get me wrong the individual escalated the situation well enough where a response was called for, but it was near a precinct and I’m nearing the getting too old point and too pretty to go to jail (lol). If it comes up again I’ll design something along those lines. Right know I have other things and goals on my mind that I need to conquer.