Channeling and experiences with Grah'aht'talion!

Hey Guys, as part of an activity to develop my clairaudience I called upon the Demon Grah’aht’talion. I’m a beginner so my channeling might be imperfect, though I’ve included it below. Feel free to critique and offer advice!


Q1: What are your preferred offerings?

Grah’aht’talion: Water, Wine, Hemlock, Snake (Asp?)

Q2: What would be the best method of assuming your power?

Grah’aht’talion: The method is continual studying upon the nature of man, his stature and compulsions.

Q3: What could signing a pact with you offer?

Grah’aht’talion: You have signed one with me already.

Q4: I asked him for clarification.

He clarifies that it is an implicit pact, I did ask him for his aid in building my empire and offered to help him as well (within reason).

Q5: What is the name of your realm?

Gre-moth Malkur

Again, I’m still working on my clairaudience skills so it’s possible part (or all) of this might be flawed. I’d love if someone could confirm.

My Experiences with Him.

Copied from my post in the Members Success thread:

“Grah’aht’talion has been of great help to me over the last couple months. As a university student I was overwhelmed with Term Papers and ended up having to submit them all extremely late. I should have failed all of these papers due to the extreme lateness and their lack of quality.

Grah’aht’talion essentially made all my professors give me a mild slap on the wrist and reasonably good grades on the papers. In one case the professor not only did not penalise me, he also offered himself as a source of job references! Grah’aht’talion, however, has my recommendation!

Hail Grah’aht’talion!”

I’ve also noticed a tendency to be more “aware” of peoples emotions and drives after working with him repeatedly.

Anyone else working with this spirit? What are your experiences like?

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How did you find him?
Why did you try to communicate with this spirit ?

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I found him in the book of Azazel. I attempted to communicate with him due to the fact that I’d needed to evoked him for a task. Therefore, while he was “here” I decided to ask him a few questions.