Channeled through a sigil, what to do with it

he folks, i did a evocation to lucifer, i have been working for him four about a week now. i before i made a pact with a god i thought was pazuzu, but afterall it was clear it was an imposter. the way that became clear to me was when i summoned lucifer for the first time and he told me the spirit with me was clear to him that he wanted to subject me to terror. lucifer and the real pazuzu banished him for me. the real pazuzu resuggested the pact with me cause it was him to whom the pact was originally was made. tonight i was channeling with lord lucifer and he gave me a sigil, what should i do with this sigil he gave through to me? i have not seen this sigil before and i am curious what power it holds. he told me that if i look at this sigil and chant his evocation 3 times that he would come directly to my, what is your opinion on this guys? please let me know!

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What should you do with it? It sounds like you were given the answer to that. You’re to look at the sigil, say whatever the chant is, and he will come directly to you. It doesn’t have any other purpose unless he told you it did.

I’ve not ever been given a sigil by spirits, but I would assume it’s more of a direct line, than a general one that can be intercepted by other beings. :woman_shrugging:

I would once again make sure you’re not working with imposter spirits and what not, who wouldn’t want you connecting with the real spirit and giving you this to make you go around that, but I don’t see any reason why that would happen, if you’re banishing, protecting and sure of who you contacted.

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i tested it by drawing te common known sigil on a piece of paper and put it with me in bed. then i asked if this was te true spirits his sigil. at night i got a sign that it was him, cause i woke up at night and the sigil was moved 90 degrees towards me! i see that as a clear sign.