Channeled New-Age Teachings

As a magick forum, I know that many of us have come to know the objective existence of spirits insofar as anything can really be called objective.

As most of the occult revolves around spirit work, there has been an impressive amount of information that had been accumulated about the nature of spirits, how to work with them, and things to be careful of. Namely, it is said that we should not be make the mistake of assuming that all of it was made up purely from our own subconscious minds. After all, doubt is the magick killer. However, the beliefs that we have are sometimes projected onto the spirit, limiting what they say and calling forth a limited aspect of their full being.

This brings me to New-Age Channeled material, which I feel is an interesting area to explore.

  1. Is it possible that New-Agers bring too much ideology into their spirit channelings and constrict what their entities say? Otherwise, why would these New-Age teachings differ so much from what our gods and spirits might say about our own personal ascent?

  2. People in the past here on BALG have worked with aliens, but what kinds of entities do you think these New-Age channelers channel if not various forms of aliens or extradimensional lifeforms?

  3. Why don’t these same channelers allow other people to channel the same entity so that we can explore them more indepth? They often make it sound like we can’t force the entity to come or otherwise contact it of our own volition.

  4. Can magicians find value in working with these entities, on a deeper level than one might initially suspect?

  5. Why do so many New-Age predictions simply fail when working with these entities?

  6. Why don’t these New-Age channelers simply explain the limitations on their ability to provide evidence that these entities are real?


Well there’s my browser theory, this is from a reply last year

I don’t presume to thin k that explains everything but I do think it’s relevant for some of this. :+1:


I think its a difference between spiritism and occultism. These new age channelers generally follow spiritism. Occultism is far too much to learn I guess. Perhaps they’re right, I liked Jon Edwards and Sylvia Brown personally.

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I honestly think that it does a disservice to the idea of working with spirits as a whole.

The general public has come to view channeled material as either entitely flawed/inaccurate or as coming purely from the subconscious mind. This feeds into the psychological model of magick, and eliminates the nuances that come when discussing the nature of how spirits can communicate with us.

The thing is, magick is based on a trust that we can change reality based on our will, power, and relationships with the spirits. The boundary to results is entirely internal, and to understand that means that you have to learn how to trust yourself. You have to trust that all of this is real, and you have to realize that the only way to validate any of what you are receiving from the entity is with the understanding that all things magickal truly begins and ends with you, your godself that is. That is, you are the only one who can justify any experience that you have, because the results that you see in the “real” world is no more than an extension of your own will and and magickal intention; any experience of the “real” world is bound by the rules and intentions that you put on its manifestation due to how your own mind has been colonized by the common observation.

The value that people place on the “real” world is arbitrary as all experience is valid before the light of your eternal god-self. We place esteem on objectivity because other people can observe it, but the concern of other people has no place to a being who is literally God, as God can merely choose what it wants to experience, grounding it in no one but itself. The consensus reality of other people has only arbitrary value.

You have to trust yourself, because in that moment, the spirit exists to no one else but you, yet the results and the information can be used by other people.


Silvia brown was a fraud. She once made an incorrect prediction about some coal miners that were trapped in a mine, saying that they all had died. They were rescued, all alive. Then she backtracked, and said she did not say the incorrect prediction, even though it was on tape during a radio interview. She and her husband were convicted of felony fraud. She charged over $700 for a reading, while on her website had a disclaimer that her readings were just for entertainment purposes, and that you should use your common sense when making decisions. I heard that Jon Edwards was a fraud too, from someone who was related to his manager. I think channelers are either total fakes, or what they “get” comes from their own beliefs. I read elsewhere that JZ Knight is a mind control victim. Her “Ramtha” is absurd, and just so, so obvious. It gives anything paranormal a bad name.