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Below I have included a channeled message that I received today. Interested to hear everyone’s thoughts:

There is no time, only the endless cycles.

What is has been, what has been will be.

Typically, man thinks of time as linear, extending forever forward from a singular point of origin. Each moment is seen as either completely disconnected from the moments before it, or each moment is seen as directly resulting from the moments before.

In reality, there is no time. There are only the cycles. Each thing that happens, has happened before, and will happen again. There is only this moment, here, now. Everything happens in this moment. Everything has happened in this moment. All things go according to their cycles.

The measures of time are completely arbitrary and made by man. A minute could just as easily be 10 secs, as it is 60 secs. Who said it was 60 seconds? A day could just as easily be 72 hours, as it is 24. Who said it was 24 hours? These are arbitrary distinctions made by man, to enable 2 people to meet at the same place at the same moment. It serves a purpose in the physical realm…but know that it is still arbitrary. Even their meeting is a cycle. They have met before and shall meet again.

A day for spirits is not the same as a day for man.

Truly, no one has time…for time does not exist. The real question is not “how much time do you have?” It is “how many cycles will you go through?” How many cycles will you go through before your dying day? How many cycles will you break?

Think of the sun. It goes through a cycle daily. It will rise and it will fall. Then it will rise again. You can see how this is merely a cycle that repeats itself. What is has been, what has been will be. There is no time to this cycle, just the reality of the cycle itself. Think about it. In one point of the year, the sun rises and sets at one time, at another time of the year, it rises and sets at a different time. You see, there is no set time. In America, we are in the year 2019…but in Ethiopia…they know themselves to be in the year 2012…and it just became 2012 on September 11. For another culture, September 11 became the year 423. For one culture, there are 13 months to a year, 12 of those months consist of 30 days each, split into weeks of 10 days each, and the 13th month has only 5 days. Yet another culture has weeks that are only 4 days long.

So you see, there is no time. Time is made of arbitrary measurements that are man made and serve man for various purposes. How that time is measured can vary from place to place…for there is in fact no real time.

So, how many cycles will you go through? How many have you gone through? You are not x number of years old…you have gone through x number of cycles. You are eternally here, in this moment, the same moment as when you were born. Don’t you cycle back to your birth? How many times have you been born in this one life alone? Were you not born this year, as a new person, evolved from the person you once where? Not because of time but because of experience of cycles.

There is no time, merely the endless cycles.


This would make an interesting premise for a book.

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Hmmm…true. that would

interesting…thank you. I’ll have to see what I can come up with lol…

I’ll steal your idea and write a fiction novel based on the premise. Too late.

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lol! Do it. haha