Does anyone know what Demon most resembles the Orisha Chango?

Are you referring to Papa Chango? I was just actually reading about him. While i dont think he would have a demonic counterpart, various texts indicate his equivalent to be that of Saint Barbara.

I know in Brazil they call him Xango in Africa they call him shango.He’s the king of the Orisha’s and Dance a frierce warrior and the lady orishas all love him

Haha hell yeah. But yeah, thats the only info i have on him.

He was synchronized with Santa Barbara (a woman mind you). But they are not the same at all. She was a living woman, he is an ancient African deity.
If you try, you can actually match the seven African powers to the seven planets.
Mercury: Ellegua
Venus: Oshun
Mars: Ogun
Jupiter: Chango
Moon: Yemaya (sp?)

Ochosi might go into Sun, and Obatala could go into Saturn. But in not very knowledgeable about their nature so I didn’t include them in the list.but the rest are pretty close matches to the classical planets. Just some food for thought.

Thanks you don’t think Chango is Mars energy? Very interesting Euio. Thanks

Chango is my dad in Ocha. I was just trying to figure out what demons are most like Chango. I don’t know why but I keep thinking of Belial

Ogun is much more Martian imo. Ogun is most definitely THE war God. He’s even connected to iron works, the metal which covers the surface of mars and has long been associated with the planet magically.
I’ve never formally the orishas, but I’ve slept in the same room as their vessels and pots and had nearly sleepless nights with strange dreams yet not feeling tired or crappy in the morning.

Why do u think Chango is Jupiter energy?

marduk and bael (hadad).

chango also has some things in common with zeus, jupiter (jove), thor, and her-ur (horus the elder).

chango is represented by the key scale 15 (path of he, aka path 4) on the tree of life. if you look in liber 777 or thelemapedia, you’ll see bael as the ascendent decans goetic demon of the day. his ascendent decans goetic demon counterpart of the night is phenex.

Just ask him. Orisha are far more rapid paced (in my experience and others Ive met) at making their presence known then most spirits. Especially Shangó.