Chango and Oya

I’m not initiated but I’ve had some experiences with the Orishas. It seems like part of my Destiny is working with Chango and Oya. I met Chango a few minutes ago and the felt like I’m on fire (I experienced this with Rudra). Immediately upon meeting him, an aspect of my Shadow appeared which terrified me so much I panicked. He understood and when I reached my hand out to him, he said he will only shake my hand if I earn his respect. I want to know your experiences with him? As he is a God of destruction, maybe that’s why I experienced that part of my shadow. Still I sense a friend in him (I’ve worked with storm Gods like Susanoo, Indra and Zeus).

Now I was listening to music about Yemeya and saw a song in my recommended about Oya and Yemaya told me that one day I may have to work with her and while they have tension, she won’t drag me into it. I’ll appreciate your experiences with her.

Thanks in advance

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If you feel it is part of your destiny, something that all Orisha practitioners beleive we do at the foot of Olodumare before we are born, why don’t you go get divination to determine, verify, validate that? I am not head hunting - just asking because we feel that is the only way to guarantee that. I know anti-thetical to this whole blog’s premise, but it is what it is.
Iwould offer some possible context around your “experience” with Chango. First off - Chango is not an Orisha of sdestruction. You need to understand the mindset - Osogbo’s (in all its forms are destructive). If anything, Chango is an Orisha of divine justice - meaning whatever heaven (Orun) meant to be justice. Yes - Chango is a warrior, King, Dancer, owner of the drum (Bata), womanizer (as male potentcy incarnate). He is also the wounded hero - who hanged himself after he realized the wanton destruction he did commit. The reality i that Chango is an Orisha of self-transformation through fire. He will tear you down to your core and burn away what is not really “you”.
That is what he was probably showing you - what he will burn away from you. You also need to understand that this can only be done through initiation and a shit load of self improvement! I’m talking time, money, tears, friends, family where you live, your work, whatever is not right right for you.
Oya, one of his “wives” (Obini), is truly the epitomey o frapid change. The tornado that comes out of nowhere, rips through town and leaves it changed forever.
Good luck - and suggestion. If you want to work with them to the extent you can now, do it in their place in nature. Chango at the foot of the palm tree and Oya in the cemetery. You can petition them, leave votive offerings (Addimu) and ask them (and your ancestors) for guidance.
If it truly is your destiny - Chango wll lead you there!