Changing your eye color

Sooo I want to change my eye color from dark brown, to hazel or light brown . Is there anyone who has changed their eye color with magick? If so how did you do it ? And how long does it last ?


biokinesis? i haven’t tried it but there’s tons of articles on how to do it on the internet


I think we can change our physiology by accessing the Etheric template layer of our Aura. Supposedly this is where the true physical blueprint of your body is located, so if you altered your body on this level (say turning dark brown eyes pale grey) it could potentially effect your appearance over time in a drastic way of your choosing.


Also I think biokinesis/ vitakinesis involves going into a meditative state and having sincere dialogue with the cells in a certain part of your body, prompting the cells to change themselves in accordance with what you want to change with your body, although I think it’s more for like healing illnesses or diseases or something like that.


Cast a glamour to create the illusion of your eye changing colors.

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I use subliminals and some of them works. I was losing my hair for 2 years. One month after listening to subs everyday it stops falling.
But when i use subs to have a beautiful face or to change my eyes color it doesn’t work.


How does one access this part :thinking::thinking::thinking: anyone else who sees this feel free to answer

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You can change your eye color through color contacts.

But in all seriousness, I don’t think there is a way to drastically change your eye color. I’ve heard of people’s eyes getting darker, but only slightly and only as a side effect of other rituals.