Changing what you've asked for

consider this , you perform a ritual with a demon for some results . after a few days you have a change of heart .
is it insulting to perform another ritual with same demon and ask him to not deliver or maybe even deliver something else ?

Well did you achieve the results yet?

If your everything was not in it to begin with then I think it’s safe to say nothing will happen and you should move on and learn from the experience.

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no but i have seen something that made me realize the ritual was effective , it might be just a matter of time .

Then if you have already started to see results the only thing to do in my opinion is it to let it run its course and try to modify things later.

This is a great lesson for all to not start something in magick that your not willing to see through. I’ve read a lot of this lately on the forum from different sources and this is not something people should play with.

I will say when I do something I never do anything on a whim, everything you do sends a ripple through the universe that cannot be undone once unleashed. I’ll always calculate as many variable before I start so I am as sure as I can be of the outcome and that it aligns with my will.

Good luck on dealing with this issue of your’s. I’m not sure what it is you have done. Perhaps more details may allow others to shed more information on your situation for those who have been through this.