Changing the past

Is ea koeting book of azazel any good for changing the past he says some entity can teach how ro effect the past or change it and i heard two people from here or three messes whit this i mean frather apostosis i think and lady eva and somone else is there any one of you guys know anything about changing the past also oi heard this one guy talk about psycic time travel but he is just big scammer you guy had any sucess or done it please share


I summon @Lady_Eva our most gracious and glorious goddess :wink: to see if she can offer her take on this.

I know she has had successes with this during her work on theogenesis ( I religiously follow all her projects :slight_smile: )


She dosnt wanna help anybody else

She will, she just doesn’t want to be used as a crutch.


i tryed every possible conversation tehnique she says she cant change nothing small targets only big thing i dont know what to think

I have been complicating on sending a servitor back in time, only job is to remain unseen and help me in whatever way possible. But just an idea now bc man things can go wrong but I’m sure it will work


:point_up:️ I stated it was just an idea… Also I don’t think anyone on here would do a spell to altar your past or send anyone back in time for your personal reasons. I would not involve any outside beings except the thought form itself. (Reaserch thoughforms) Serivtors*

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Anyone else please


Yes, the past can be changed. Time magick is a real current within the Chaos paradigm. I recommend you read Space/Time Magick by Taylor Ellwood.

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Have you tryed it yourself can past be changed for other people if i perhaps cannot visualise did you changed you past

No. I have nothing to change.

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O yeah I just remember thier is another way… you can contact your future self and tell them to help you in the now/today download the app called “futurello” let’s you talk to your future self. As of right now one way communication but if you believe in yourself I’m sure you would find away to talk back.
(that’s all I got)


Forgive me for getting personal but for what and why do you want to change your past?

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im in,death treatning situation

Someone, something, or medical?

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Have you read a book how do you know that method works

Somone and medical too

What entity or entities do you follow?

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Currently none why