Changing the course of history

I feel destined/meant/called to change the course of history. I’m going to stop complaining about the world I live in and just getting by and start making my own changes to society, culture, and start building my own empire. Tarot readings of myself revealed strong desires for a lust for power, cruelty, ruin, and the emperor, among a few others. These were repetitive results over several readings, and I for sure shuffled and mixed them up a lot. I feel a critical mass building that will destroy life as we know it, and I want to be the catalyst that triggers the chaos. I will survive the ruin and build an empire.
I know this post might seem extreme and I’m new to this board so no one really knows me, I didn’t come to these ideas through JUST tarot readings either, I’ve been having really awesome experiences growing and learning and traveling towards enlightenment. And I’m just getting started with these ideas…
Massive agendas carry massive consequences, and maybe I could just continue to live in this bleak existence, but I feel like I’m not pursuing my own limitless potential If I don’t attempt to pursue these desires.