Changing someone's priorities

Hello there,
I was wondering if and how is it possible to change bit a partner’s priorities to make the relationship easier. Separation is not a good option as kids/house are involved and the partner is a workaholic and never separates with his phone/computer. I wish I was younger and could attract a partner with similar values, but it’s too late for me…
Basically, I would like him to consider spending time with his kids important and …making him a bit more romantic if that’s not too crazy. Would that be too unrealistic even with magick? Or working with a demon/deity who can change a person’s thoughts would function? If yes, could you suggest one?
Or any other type of magick?
I’d like to create a great life for once, but with an unhelpful partner it doesn’t seem very possible.
Thanks a lot!

I would think Dantalion may be a good option for this :slight_smile: