Changing paths


Just curious, a few people have mentioned that they originally worked on the RHP for a period of time before changing directions and evoking demonic entities for various reasons such as more power etc… My question is: Are people just curious to begin with, then find out they like it? Or do some demons contact you first to offer you more once you attain a certain skill level?

I’m wondering what the whole dynamic of a relationship with a demon is after working with angels. The lines I have drawn around myself have become blurred.

With the exception of being disrespectful or rude towards a powerful demon like Azazel, do people feel victimised or threatened when working with allies on the LHP? I get there may be problems with demons randomly evoked or demons you don’t know, but Im more curious about demons you do know.

There’s a lot of info about demons and what they do, but not a lot of info regarding the ‘relationship’ side of it. I hope I am making sense to people!

My perceptions of what black magic is now, is different from when I fist started on this forum. Black magicians here are not what I thought ‘evil’ black magicians would be like a month or so ago : except any instances where actual panda eating is concerned :wink:


Hey Brutus, I dont have all the answers for ya, as I myself am currently venturing onto paths unknown, but I will say this: There was a time that I thought the occult, RHP, LHP, even nature magic was something sinful, or evil. My opinion now is obviously quit different. I no longer see things as black and white, I see everything as a balance. Why should I not work with everything that is available to me? Who told me LHP, demons, etc were evil and bad? The same people who told me RHP was evil and bad. I think if you want to continue to grow, you must continue moving. When you quit moving, you become stagnant, rotten, no matter what your path. Am I saying working with Demons is all love and light (hate that term by the way) absolutely not, but there is a flip side to every coin, and there can be no darkness without light to define it. I guess what I am really trying to say, is that to me personally, I see every entity as a helper, regardless of angel, demon, good or bad. They all have something to teach us to help us toward our ascent, and ultimately, it is up to us to decide if we want their help or not.


Et Tu Brutus…

If you have the Book of Azazel, I would suggest you read over pages 94 and 95 at least 4 times in order…having done that, things will become a lot clearer for you…




Well one of the guys I have a pact with is a demon, I’m just as freindly with him as I am with the other entities around me. Really if you treat an entity you work with well regardless of what it is, it will do the same for you.