Changing palm lines


I developed a second “head line” on my right palm in the past 10 months, I think my demonic Child was the reason but can’t be sure. The new line’s deep and straight, and in the time since it formed I’ve not done anything different with my hands that could account for it, nor gained or lost a lot of weight or anything.

Not going to offer to post a photo due to my belief the palm is a map of your soul, your tendencies & strengths, weaknesses, etc… and I don’t fancy loading mine on the internet! :slight_smile:

But I promise you on my honour I’m not making this up, it’s a real event.


Hmm, i’m bit disappointed that there is still no hand pics…

Oh well anyways, i had a palm reading today - not sure was it “100% accurate” if they ever can be, but at least it was quite interesting maybe i should look more on the matter… It did have things that were more or less valid, but then again it was done by a person who has already seen me few times ( not that this person would really know me all too well thought ) but still… I do trust that he can do palm readings, but maybe i should look more into the subject.

Which hand is supposed to be “hand of chosen fate” and which “the hand of how you have done things in this life regardless of the chosen fate” ? because he sayeth that in left hand you see what you have “chosen” before your life or something alike and in right hand is what you have done/made your life into here in earth. And my as usually these differ so did mine.


after receiving warnings of the pitfalls of posting such a pic, i have decided against it. sorry if anyone is disappointed.


I know this is old but one thing I was told from a hougan is that the don’t mostly read the line of the palm but the Whorls

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