Changing palm lines

over the past 12 or so months, since i have been involved with energy healing & more practical forms of magic, i have noticed the lines on my left palm have changed & now form an almost complete pentacle. i am wondering if anyone has had or heard of any experience of physical change?

Yes, that’s happened to me a lot, when I first got into a lifetime pact with a spirit I developed a line that runs alongside my lifeline, then recently after every major bit of work I did last year, the lines changed and shifted, deepened, news ones appeared… I was going to go get my palm read by this guy in Camden Market who’s supposed to be really good, Gary Markwick, but then when I read his site, he seemed quite white-light oriented, so I decided it was best to be discreet.

I’ve got a book on palmistry but I’d love to get a pro reading done by someone open-minded about demons, black magick, etc…

Anyway yes it’s definitely happened to me, I’ve started scanning my hands every few months, and I think it’s a sign of major spiritual shifts, especially based on the stuff in the palmistry book I have. :slight_smile:

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Lady Eva, palmistry is a common way houngans in voodoo do readings I hear. So you might want to find one of those, as they’ll likely be open minded regarding black magical practices.

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thanks Eva, i have shown the star formation on my palm to a few rhp friends who have either said nothing & changed the subject, or suggest it was always there & i have only just noticed it ( both responses have irritated me to be honest as im not a big sharer, for those reasons of personal judgement already stated.). i have also used google & had also come up empty handed, but i just KNEW it was something.
i cant thank eric & timothy enough for the existence of this forum and the posts by other members & moderators which allows a computer phobe like me to receive intelligent & informative advice rather than judgement. Its still a little funny for me to receive such helpful advice & support from black magicians when i white witches give me nothing but static

Hmm, my palm lines have changed several times too but I never really gave thought to it as to whether it is even related to magic use. My reactions were generally, “oh that wasn’t there before”. I think the odd part is how my hands used to look the same but they have become quite different.

The theory seems to be that our left hand carries the traits we were born with and markings related to events that would have happened as a natural result, whereas our right hand changes as we do, and when we change ourselves, that changes our destiny… it’s my right hand that’s changed the most for me, so I take that as a good sign.

I honestly have never paid attention to my palms enough to recognize any change. I would really like a Palm reading from a good, open minded reader. But the only one I know is fucking expensive. One of my spirits is supposed to be a teacher of the divination arts, but I’ve been focusing on cards rather than taking on palmistry.

I’d love your review of the Palm reader lady Eva !

If I ever get a reading done, I’ll post it - as you probably saw elsewhere, I mainly go by what’s in a book called “Practical Palmistry” by David Brandon-Jones, he ties the features & finger shape in to the planets mainly, and I must admit the rest of what he wrote fits in with my own hands & personality etc.

I wouldn’t have either except now I have a big freaking 4cm pentagram in the middle of my palm - THAT I would have noticed!

show us a pic

I would like to see a picture about that too, i don’t claim that its a lie - but i would be interested seeing a picture if possible.

i am soooo not tech savy, but ill give it a try tomorrow when i have some time. ( its now 11.45pm here & time for beddy byes ) i would really appreciate your opinions as it is why i posted my comment. i have no ego on its validity & welcome your comments.

I just finished a tut. on how to post images, not sure if that will help?

thanks Eva :slight_smile: i really have to get some sleepy bo’s now or i’ll be rat shit for dreary work tomos & have a job where i need to be a little bubble of joy ( sometimes i think i missed my calling as an actress! )

Yeah I got a pentagram on my right hand. Appeared last year.

Hmm, I just noticed that my right palm has an incomplete pentagram. Damn, this has really got me interested in palmistry.

This is what my book says on the matter:

On the whole, the Eastern approach is rooted firmly in the doctrine of fatalism - the belief that one's destiny is fixed and wholly immutable. It's not altogther surprising to find a corresponding belief that the lines and shape of the hand do not change either.

While this may well be true - for those who accept the premise - in the West it has been proven that the hands can, and frequently do, show quite dramatic changes, sometimes over a relatively short period of time. Examples of this will be given later.

Practical Palmistry, David Brandon-Jones, p.13,

You can see from that, that the author has no doubts about this happening, and aside from seeing it myself his other observations about hands seemed accurate enough to me that this is why I don’t doubt that it happens quite often.

wasn’t going to post on this because i know nothing about divination really…but of course the lines in a person’s hand will change over time! everything you do with your hands affects the skin on your hands, if you work with your hands all of the natural lines will become more prononced and will change rather quickly as the skin becomes more leathery, new lines will also appear depending on positions you have your hands in on a regular basis, again that will be made faster if the position is held while doing something that will cause a toughening and changin of the skin. Just to point out i’m not talking about this from a magickal changes perspective but from a purely common sense perspective, if you’re doing things with your hands the lines will change and deepen.

I thought that, but actually babies are born with the exact same wrinkles we all have and apart from things like calluses, the actual lines a palmist reads aren’t like crow’s feet or laughter lines on the face, and people in long-term comas or who can’t move their hands due to paralysis don’t have smoother hands.

The hands reflect the influence of the planets in people’s lives, and that seems to be where the changes stem from, not from everyday use. :slight_smile:

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mine have all been getting deeper as time has gone on with new ones appearing, and they all pretty much seem to match up with the creases during use, same has gone for pretty much everyone i know who works with their hands, the less heavy duty jobs having less hammered in lines, also people who can’t or don’t use their hands have WAY softer hands than people who actually work with them :stuck_out_tongue: