Changing Fate? Tarot Question

I’ve been using this WONDERFUL app on my phone called “Tarot!” I find it’s a really useful tool, very definitive and well put together with so many features to it. My favorite feature is the card of the day which pretty much defines your day for you. It lays out what to expect or watch out for in a day by pulling a card.

I used to use this feature faithfully everyday because of the sheer accuracy it gives me, really. It’s beaten my skepticism back to non-existence and shocked me on several occasions. Sometimes I don’t want to believe what it’s saying or telling me just out of being comfortable in that situation and end up regretting it later. Other times, I’d just rather not know what it’s saying.

Not too long ago, I was getting bad/reversed cards everyday and couldn’t take it anymore so I stopped using it for awhile. It really worried me. But the last thing it spoke on was a situation I was facing that I never thought would get as big as it has. It told me exactly that! That the situation would get worse basically and that I would be in it for a long time…that I can still come out of it, but far from unscathed or untouched…and on top of that there will be a price to pay.

My question is: Can magic change that? Is it even worth it to try? Or would that add to my troubles? I want “experiences” pls. I could ask tarot because it has a feature like that, where you ask a question and draw a card with the answer. But I’d rather not know. I will say I’ve just started using it again a week ago and I’ve been getting VERY positive cards.
Experiences and advice pls and thanks!

Afrikan Prince

I tried to change a reading recently. I really really tried and really believed that I’ll change it, with everything I had, because I believed that past cannot be change, but future can since it’s nothing set in stone.

I failed. I just postponed it for a bit. Nothing else.

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Damn. Now I’m debating if it’s better simply not to know instead.

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You can use physical Taro cards as consecrated talisman. Place and seal between two sheets of glass. That stated, no one does! Don’t use the same deck you use for divination as consecration will alter the cards’ energies. Don’t use a plastic frame.



Friends, it is certainly difficult to change…I’ll give you that. But I feel that I can say from personal experience that sometimes its timing, karma and the law of attraction. Sometimes you can do some damage control by doing extremely kind and charitable acts, especially for those who have no ability to pay you back. But remember–what is YOUR will?

Frater, although it may seem differently, Justice will be served. Karmic debt will be paid in full, as demanded. I have a really personal situation that I am now on the ends of…I didn’t do anything, and I was made into a scapegoat to justify the actions of some coworkers. I had never been anything but exceptionally kind to these people. Still, they did some really underhand, nasty stuff to me that hurt me personally and professionally, and they lied and said that their actions were a retaliation. I was so enraged, Afrikan Prince…I wanted revenge. It was very difficult.

I didn’t do anything in retribution though because the Tarot warned me not to. I lost my job, I had to leave. I had worked there for six years, and I had to walk out, but those who hurt me, although it took a while, all paid for their treachery.

I don’t know if this is a situation of karmic lessons being learned, but I will think and feel the best for you, that you will succeed, and do well, and that no harm will happen to you and what concerns you.



From my experience with Geomancy and Cartomancy, it is indeed hard to change. From a traditional Geomancy perspective, if you want to change an outcome you will need to use magick to change it, or really try with all your willpower. Depends on the situation though, Geomancy usually tells you if a situation is reliant on some action on your part, such as requiring a lot of work from you, so in that case it’s usually easy to change the outcome as you just need to not work on it.

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Fate can be rewoven, yes.

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