Changing elements of a ritual

There are many grimmoires or similar books about evocation, invocation and other topics of witchery/magick available. They give examples of rituals that work very well for the author. But what to do, if there are parts of a ritual that do not fit to the witch/magickan? In her book 'The Ars Goetia* Orlee Stewart replaced the names of christian saints by names of egiyptian godesses/gods like Nuit, Hadit, Aiwaz and Ra Hoou Khuit. Because those egyptian names are strange for me, although they are much better than christian ones, I replaced them by names of Norse godesses and Spirit Animals. For the East/air I called the Maiden Godess Idun and the Snake, for the South/fire the Godess Ostara and the Dragon, for the West/water Holda and the Salmon and last but not least for the North/earth Hel the Godess of the underworld and the bear.The key of succesful witchery/magick is creating enough power to atract the spirits. A magickal triangle is normally a ‘must have’ for an evocation. Only when I work with Lilith I evoke her dirctly into my magick circle. But I have contact to Lilith all the time, not only while performing a ritual. So it is a special situation for me. By the way, my magickal circle is a ring of Runes. Regard my text as an inspiration. Have a look how you can change parts of a ritual to make it best working for your personal witchery/magick.
Hail to Lilith and Blessed Be!