Changing a spell a bit

For anyone that has seen the video on youtube about the candle love spell. Where its just you and a candle. It said to do it at 3a.m because thats obviously the best time because they’re asleep and obviously its 3a.m.

Well my target. (Ex boyfriend) works from 3a.m to 3p.m. so i can’t do it at 3. He wakes up at 1:30 a.m.

Does anyone reccomend a differnt time or does that matter. Also i was thinking of incorporating menstrual blood. Maybe on a picture of him and put it on his face and hold it. Im open to suggestions in what you think is best. Because i haven’t developed my abilities thoroughly. But I need this to work.

What would you do?

Trying to reconcile a relationship where you just had a baby. They are talkimg to someone elsr so you want it to he strong. Im even willing to create a pact or work with a demon. I was thinking furfur. Seeing as she is stronger in early September from my research.

Please help.

As far as I know… it can be done at anytime, at night if you can. For best results do it when the target is sleeping or closer to midnight or 3 as possible.

Better if you mix menstrual blood with his food or drink, than using it in a candle spell.

I suggest you call the spirit you choose to work with, ask the spirit to work on your menstrual blood to achieve the result you want. When the time comes, add that blood to a drink/food while chanting spirit’s name. Then give the food/drink to your target. When the target is finished with the food/drink… call the spirit and give thanks and offering as usual.

I have fed him blood.
I didn’t do anything else just put it in his food once and a drink. But now I don’t have an option of doing that cause im not living with him.

I think that’s good enough for using blood. Next you can try the candle spell or Sigil opening evocation. Both are very effective

Have you ever tried evocation while using their enn. ?

And do you know what mohjt be a good offering for furfur.

Yes it worked with chanting their enn or their name.

No didn’t work with that spirit before unfortunately.

Hmm. Ever had experience with amon. I need one that’s good with love and reconciliation

I suggest Sallos and Sitri, both at the same time. I worked with them before and they’re great

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Now do you have kids.
If so how do you go about protecting yourself an your kids. Because i know in a pact you write your boundaries. But when just calling them before the pact what shoupd i do.

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I don’t recommend doing magick while there are kids at home. Better if they’re away from home at the time of doing your ritual. If possible.

If it’s not possible, then you can do the rituals outside, in the garden of the house or balcony for example, while they’re inside, or the opposite. If this is not the case then there are many protection rituals that you can perform to protect them… the best are the ones you believe in. Depends on your religious/spiritual beliefs.

The spirits you work with are not going to hurt anyone, they have no reason to do that, and it’s not in their nature, they have specific purpose or kind of activity that they prefer to do. But the harm maybe caused by other spirits attracted to the place by the ritual. This is very important to understand.

Yeah i understand. I will probably do it on Saturday night then. Because my kids will be away from the house. Thank you for your help.

Have you had any expierence with pact making?

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I also think sitri is too advanced for me. Ive never done it before.

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You’re most welcome, Congratulations on your evocation, just read your new thread now.
I made few pacts but didn’t see any change in results positively or negatively so I’m not sure of their effect.

The same evocation technique of Sigil opening, nothing special or advanced as far as I know. Unless you wish to perform a specific advanced spell with him.

From What I read and my experience he’s specialized in sexual attraction. While Sallos is best for long term relationships, together they work great. One will get you fast response while the other will make sure it lasts long term.

I didn’t make a pact. I used the pendolum to ask if he would help me. And when i asked if he wanted a pact in return it didnt move. Then i said thank you and I cried cause I took it as he would help me. But like i said. Idk if he was even present. It was my first time.

I believe he was there, your emotional reaction was your answer :slight_smile: I think your ritual was successful.

In your next ritual, try to make it more than 5 minutes. at least 10 to 15 minutes would be best if possible. But no need to count it… one of the signs of being in trance is losing your sense of time. Better if you let it take it’s time naturally and check the time after the ritual ends.

I try to make it last as long as I can, the longer the better.

I was asking for help with reconciliation with an ex and right after I got done asking him for help and thanking him I had to go over to his house to pick up our son and I feel like there’s not as much negative energy already between us and we were just fighting earlier today right before I left when I dropped him off

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Il I also pricked my finger twice and Let It Drop onto the sigil while I was chanting

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And I offered him wine, and right next to the sigil I had a picture of my ex and I and I left it on top of the sigil in my room with the wine next to it

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I think you did it perfectly well congratulations, that last touch you added to it was great

Do you use the same sigil every time you contact him and you just keep adding blood to it?