Changes in yourself

Would like to know what changes people have noticed in themselves since starting down this path.


A lot less patience for bullshit, honestly :laughing:


Lol yeah but that comes with age in general


Impatience, Laziness, Irritability, Pride, Understanding. Both the I’s seem to originate from laziness. Depression is common, as is elation.


I’m 18 :laughing:


Wait a decade or 2 :laughing:


Well, I’ve been using magic since I was a teenager in the late 90’s. I was very secretive about it and didn’t research as much as other people. I contemplated a lot of ideas about the nature of reality and mystical energies, but was outwardly a hardcore scientific atheist.

For me, “this path” would be opening up about my thoughts and seeking the wisdom of others, and I’ve been blown away. As it turns out, my secrets are already known by other mystics. It kinda pisses me off and fills me with joy at the same time. I’m not the only person who knows what I know, and that’s a major blow to my ego. Then again, it’s as if I’ve been getting free education in the mysteries by just thinking about it.

I used to follow a current called Ire, the power of silence. It’s sort of the Celtic/Wiccan version of Zen. By not naming things, the mind does a better job of delving deeper. Words can be a hindrance.

Now I’m on the path of Philos, a Greek word that sort of translates to ‘love’ or ‘fellowship’. I’m learning the words for some of the concepts I’ve found and getting better at communicating with others.

BALG is great.
Athena Nike :+1:


I’m so much more aware of myself and my surroundings. Not in a paranoid hyper vigilant way, but I definitely notice subtle things that before either weren’t happening, or I blocked out. Touches and tingles, dropping into TGS state through out my day, scents in the air, synchronicities, random or out of character thoughts. Besides that emotion in general. I can go from happy and loving to raging and chaotic and end up anywhere in between in a short period of time.


most of my changes have been with my personality; i used to be very depressed and anxiety-ridden but it just kind of stopped and i became almost a new person after i started this path, especially after i started meditating
my senses have slightly improved too, been paying attention more to everything around me in terms of sight and sound, i’m also noticing more weird stuff now though, but i don’t mind that one bit xD
things also seem to go my way more now too, for example i was thinking of making my own tarot card deck and even though i didn’t tell anyone about this my mom decided to give me two plastic cases that are the perfect size for tarot decks!
i could list more but i don’t wanna create a wall of text here, but yeah i’ve noticed plenty of changes, all of them have been positive so far though C:


So far, I’ve noticed I’m more up to taking challenges, and my energy has improved a lot.


I have become rather indifferent to people since I began this path. I am still mostly misanthropic, but find myself sliding into indifference more often.

My morals are either very warped or non-existent now. Anyone who cares about basic human rights would be appalled by my stances, I’m sure.

I’ve also noticed I have developed quite a silver tongue. I find it easy to persuade people into my way of thinking with my words, face-to-face.

My energy/presence seems to have an odd affect on people. It seems to scale between attracting/luring people to making people feel uneasy or “creeped” out. The ones I do attract seem to be interested in destroying themselves or being destroyed. Like a mouse approaching a snake. The person being a mouse and, me, being the snake.

Demonic energy is always flowing through me now; I have become more like the demons and their essence. Walkies at work malfunction when I get on them now. Sometimes we all hear strange transmissions which the source is unknown. The register and scanner needs to be reconfigured when I jump on it, even though it works just fine throughout the day. I also notice at least 2 or 3 times a day, sequences of numbers like 666 or 616. People say that things “become possessed” when I walk into work. lol

I’ve always been naturally intuitive; however, it has increased 10 fold. Even to the point of when I’m driving on the road, it’s like I have eyes in all directions. I can sense where cars are going, even if they don’t signal. I also “see/feel” cars merging even when my physical vision is blocked, so I brake or speed up accordingly. It’s like my car has a bubble around it. I can sense all the other “bubbles” of cars on the road. I also know if someone is intruding on my bubble before it happens. That’s the best way to describe it.

Those are a few notable things. The progression is very subtle however.


same here, except it was always a part of my personality, it just got more intense :tipping_hand_woman:
it’s always freaked me out a tiny bit so it’s nice to know i’m not the only person experiencing this!



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My self esteem has raised significantly but not out of a shallow reason. It’s hard to explain - like I was given a different view of myself. When the emperor of hell tells you " YOU don’t beg anybody. YOU don’t feel insufficient. That’s not who YOU are." , it holds weight .
My anxiety and depression is gone.
Oddly, people are even more drawn to me than before. Someone at my job, an older Jesus freak brought me flowers because he says I’m awesome. Buddy you have NO idea how we differ . But things like that, getting favored, complimented and even people moving out of my way when I pass. I think I look different, more comfortable and at ease. Less desolate. Just a bunch of little things really.


Wow - that is really interesting. There is most definitely something going that we are tapping in to and I suspect that modern medicine would want to put a huge lid on this.

Definitely something going on even if we sometimes second guess ourselves.


I agree. I didn’t even ask for that gone or expect it to disappear since I’ve had it so long. But it went away completely the first time I had contact with Lucifer. I don’t really know how or why it happened but it kind of reminds me of how Christian’s talk about being born again and “made like new.” I think it’s the same for us and our patrons remove things that don’t serve us and our growth


Mindfulness, awareness of branching realities, mystical knowledge coming to my subconscious, blissful silence, disgust of materialism at times, raw emotions and more.


I want to bump up this topic because I’ve notices changes, positive but very different changes in myself since I began working with King Paimon.
I used to be very emotional and care what others thought of me. Now I’m totally indifferent and I don’t care what anyone thinks of me; it’s liberating. It’s like I’m an observer of beings and though I’m myself, I know I’m irrevocably changed and I don’t want to go back to what I was.
It’s been a gradual change, but one that I really noticed over the weekend when I did a ceremony that would have caused me a twinge of guilt or feeling sorry in the past. This time, I felt absolutely nothing, no remorse, no regrets, nothing but a surge of energy like never before.
I’d like to hear experiences of others too.