Bearing upon of influence first manifests impedance between two fields

Then, as layers harmonically entangle, a third essence is conceived in the cocreated matrix by the gateway(“game”:wink:

Resisting to the bearing upon influential field manifests friction. Friction causes heat. Heat causes fraction, emission, and Change. All these tunable by the tool, material, and co-created space.

Perceive not that the immajionationg is a child’s toy but rather a functional tool where by our Minds connect to the inherent tangible cosmos. This by neither spirit nor soul but the mind. Though, such reliance upon the universal and even self will holly and entirely sever one from this portal.

So there is the utilized imagination which is functional to ends, exploring conclusion pools and even contributing to the current living growing streams which are the actual manifestation of the living consciousness. Though, here in the mundane spectrum, we would not be immediately apprehensive of these other layers which otherwise would require connection to universal harmony. Such as when pathers require certain arrays and letters before them to produce their work. So a new name has no impression open their high amp receivers.

Modular consciousness is the adaptation and integration of the spirit and the soul into the mind where by written light can encode seed form(sigil) volumes that expand revealing works and such. Or also, to pull one inside, as it were. Furthermore, to even manipulate the response mechanisms of the apparatus to the perceived “real” world. Simply sight form encoding is by stasis symbol requiring further simulation in a powerful mind. However, there are other forms of encoding the writing responsive/receptive light forms into connective correspondant (consciousness) “modules” which allow translation readily at the apprehension of the intentional aware consciousness. This by mode, not by “sock puppet”. So in this degree, I am a god. For I am a consciousness modulator. In my “culture”, that’s a type of god.

I do not receive recognition, rather, I receive scorn and ignorance, even being ignored and cast out. Yet, the fruits of my labors will grow in time. Another will it it’s fruit. Then I shall be entered into them. Yet, they will not even know nor even be aware. -Eru