Change your being

I just finished doing my Mer Ka Ba meditation of the day, in fact the great Goddess Astaroth suggested me to make it a daily meditation and I started it few weeks ago. But today I strongly felt the urge to recommend this meditation technique to people who might not know about it and want to see changes in their beings, this can really empower you by drastically raising your energy to higher vibrations.

This will strengthen your connection to your higher self, and you’ll be much more certain of your power of manifesting your desires through visualization, you’ll FEEL it.

Also, many people here are complaining about things in their lives, bad luck, some of them are just upset about their lives, yeah LIFE can be a real B**** sometimes believe me,
call on the Great Goddess ASTAROTH, ask her to guide you and help you, try to be devoted to her if you can, she’ll always reward you IF you stay true to her and mostly to yourself.

Here is the meditation

Hail Astaroth!:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Where did you get your Mer Ka Ba meditation?

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Sry, i just pasted the link

If you plan to do it, try to make it a daily meditation, every morning before starting your day.

I might try and Redesigned this meditation later on there a few think in it that can be change

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