Change brain

Which spirit can change your brain makeup to make it easier to lucid dream?


Or perhaps try working with Gabriel, Mepsitahl, Balam or Vassago.


That’s not how that works. How about actually working on trying to lucid dream or make a construct that helps notify you within your dreams that you’re dreaming. You don’t need a being to do something to you. Handout occultist never get anywhere.


How is it a handout. You are doing work by evoking spirits for lucid dreams

Because literally any being can go “hey dude you’re asleep” that’s not work and evocation isn’t much work either literally most evocations is just meditation on a symbolism or name/specific energy signature of a being. My first time lucid dreaming I just layed down and meditated on lucid dreaming and I ended up being capable of lucid dreaming for 5 nights and over time it became easier to notice when I’m asleep.

Relying on other beings to do things you can do yourself if you put the work into it and use the brain you have. Especially given one is allowing the being into your subconscious mind/unconscious mind and one is doing it yourself.


Were you able to project, or did you have good senses when you first started lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming isn’t projection, it’s just lucid dreaming. I learned to project separately from lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming doesn’t require good senses it just requires you being aware of that it’s a dream and since it’s in your head you control everything.

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I know, but meditating on something when you already have good senses make it much easier to manifest

Also, if you already mastered projection, then it would be even easier.

This was years ago, my senses weren’t good. You only slow yourself down with the mentality youre trying to put now. Also no such thing as mastering projection, the area you go to will always be somewhat different thus your senses will need to adjust to them.


Do you have any specific things I should do while meditating to induce lucid dreams?

Read The Phase and do the exercises.


What I did was just meditate before bed on being aware while sleeping. I just stopped trying to overcomplicate something that we naturally do sometimes.

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I have never done it before. i don’t think it is natural

It’s natural yes, just because you forget upon waking up doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Everyone has lucid dreamed at one point, it’s a natural part of the mind. However, whether a person remembers or not is either they train themselves to or they do at random points, or some just don’t remember.

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