Changa + Invokation, has anybody tried it?

Hi, after my experience with Invoking Lucifer on mushrooms, I wanted to try to invoke Lucifer on Changa DMT which is a DMT extract that gives a longer experience than freebase DMT being smoked but a shorter and similar experience to that of Ayahuasca. The trip itself is about 10-20 minutes.

Has anyone ever tried Invocation on DMT? Or more specifically on Changa?


I don’t know how old this thread is or if you still need an answer. Anyway, I have a bindrune activated which is deeply connected with the feminine divine, and I’ve been meditating on the black moon under this full moon eclipse.

I just smoked changa. It connected me with the untamable, feminine, divine and pre-antediluvian raging serpent force. It was… enlightening to say the least… Changa is explosive in its nature, but I just can’t shake the feeling that because of the bindrune and black moon meditations, the trip guided me to this particular aspect of the feminine divine. Try it out for yourself and see where it leads if you already didn’t do that. I’d be happy to know the result of the experiment.

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Oh ok, so something interesting happened now. In my trip yesterday, a fiery feminine force showed me that this pristine dragon power could be sought and found down in the Qliphothic tunnels. I slept as shit so before I went to bed the second time I focused on the sigil of the Lilith qlipha from Thomas Karlssons book and I astrally projected in a dream and was dragged into an orgy with 3 beautiful women of various age. Interesting stuff. Might be worthwile to invest time in experimenting with occultism and psychedelic drugs.