CHALLENGE! The Destruction of your soul! Full demonization!

The person you are replying to is no longer on this forum. Whenever you see a profile that says “anon” followed by a number, it means the person deleted their account.

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Ah thx



Let’s have some real fun with this!

You can do it openly

Why would you be afraid of Christians discovering you? Isn’t this being a slave to fear.

Spiritually powerful people embrace and strengthen their souls. Giving your soul away gives away all your power.

What debts?

This ritual gives god, jesus, etc a whole lot of extra power. You’re just feeding them power and attention. Am I the only one here who sees this?

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True dat. :thinking:

As I recall, the OP got caught up with some parasitic forces and ended up asking for a lot of their material to be removed, or at least the renounced it, I can’t remember the details - maybe people should view this post with skepticism though.

I agree that nothing which requires one to diminish or give away their soul is EVER desirable (and I know a million edgelords will be all like “Yes but” - but no. I’ve seen some shit, and I do get to state that as thought it was a fact, and advise people to consider the realities here, of who gains when that happens - you’ll thank me later).

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He lost his marbles when all was said and done. Had a bit of a breakdown. So if anyone wants the result he got, then simply do what he did

Do what they did minus working with the nadharkis beings. That is more safe.

But equally a waste of time

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