Chalice offering

When you offer a libation in a chalice, whether you leave it sitting on the altar when done with the ritual or pour it on the ground, how is the entity taking the libation? on the physical plane of course it’s just sitting there but on another plane is the entity soaking it up? How does it receive the liquid offering when later after the ritual you just throw it out? Also, in a grimoire when it says what libation to use does that mean you just pour it on the floor?

They absorb the energy from it. They don’t have to physically drink it to do this. I usually let it sit in my room for a full day before pouring it into the ground

So does this mean that if someone was to drink it after that they wouldn’t get any energy from it?

Worse, they might get sick. Depending on the spirit, they can get very unpleasant if their food is snatched away. Only ever eat spirit food if it was offered with the intention to consume it afterwards. Such as, “I offer you this libation of wine O such and such, that I may drink it after and grow closer to your essence” or whatever.